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Actual comments from students. Copies of emails, letters and faxes are on on file.

My experience with the Coach Training Academy was second to none! I have wanted to explore the world of coaching for quite some time and they made it simple and financially within my grasp. What really impressed me was the co founder, Steve Kiges took the time to speak with me before I enrolled to make sure I understood the dynamics of the 2-day Fast Track Class. He was more concerned that my expectations were realistic and attainable, than just selling me on the service. At no time did I feel pressured.

Throughout the training, I felt that I had my own personal consultant. I learned practical skills such as: marketing, client enrollment, listening, and much more! The most important lesson I learned was the actual duties of a coach and what our clients expect of us. This course gave me the necessary knowledge to set myself on the right path toward building a successful coaching business. It also taught me that coach training is a life-long process. This course was only a small step to a long, productive, and profitable journey. I look forward to continuing my education with the Coach Training Academy!

Stephen Meadows

Stephen is a successful driven sales professional that specializes in training, facilitation, mentoring and coaching in the real estate field. Stephens recent book "Meet More Make More" is a strategic guide to building loyal customers and raving fans. Click here to learn more about Stephen or Amazon to purchase his book.

This academy gave me step-by-step guidance on how to grow my Life Coaching Career. To me coaching is not just work, it is lifestyle it is what I am all about. My biggest win from The Coach Training Academy was understanding how to become a good listener and ask powerful questions. This is the core of being a professional coach. I'm a fan of practical and here I had the perfect opportunity to work with students from around the world. I learned so much and am grateful for that.

Ivan Kosoger

Ivan is one of those special people that has such a positive energy you just want to get to know him. His life is about coaching and helping people. He is also our schools first graduate from Serbia. Click here to learn more about his new book "Yes, You Can Do It."

I was fortunate to have the experience of working with co founder Steven Kiges personally through the Coach Training Academy. As I went through the certification process, I found his explanations were extremely patient and thorough. His comments, role playing scenarios, and answers showed respect, honesty, and integrity. He has such a high level of understanding of his craft that I am inspired to continue to develop my skills. I am definitely looking forward to work with him on my next certification and would recommend him as well.

Dr. Mimi D. Johnson - President MJM

Dr. Mimi is a wife, mother of two, daughter, neice, aunt, daughter-in-law, God mother, but most importantly a child who is loved by God. My family is the motivation and the force that drives me. My passion and purpose is to teach and inspire women to become self-empowered. Click here to learn more about this powerful woman.

The Coach Training Academy provided me with the tools to take my coaching business to a new level. Steve Kiges and BJ Radomski are two of the finest coaching professionals in the business. The training I had with them was top notch and in my top ten best professional development experiences. If you are looking for a professional and comprehensive learning opportunity I encourage you to work with the Coach Training Academy for an experience beyond compare.


Wanda Jones-Yeatman

Wanda is the owner of WJY Consulting, a 25 year old firm specializing in providing a variety of consulting, training, facilitation, coaching and program management services to organizations and individuals. Click here to see Wanda speaking about raising a family.

Becoming a certified coach was a great experience for me. The course opened my eyes to the value of a real professional coach training program. I learned a great amount from the entire faculty. New coaching practices and tools that broadened my prospects as a coach and that I now implement in my sessions with my clients, helping them reach their goals successfully. Thank you for this wonderful experience!

Valentina Kordi - Success Coach for Women Professionals & Entrepreneurs

Certified Mind Programming Life and Executive Coach, member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and Certified Coach Alliance. Valentina holds a Masters Degree in Human Resource Management from the City University of Seattle. Click here to learn more about Valentina.

After deciding that I wanted to be formally trained as an Executive Coach & Life Coach, I began exploring schools online and even made contact with one who would be hosting a training program in Washington. However, this was proving to be enormously expensive, I also found out other things about the programme that made it an unsuitable fit for me. After a few more months of research, I found The Coach Training Academy. Several things stood out for me when I explored attending training at The Coach Training Academy..... read more

T'Shura Sempel- Founder and CEO of LIfe in Balance Caribbean Limited

Internationally certified Transition Life Coach, equipped to work with groups as well as individuals. I also work with persons as a Personal & Business Development Strategist and Advisor. Click here to learn more about T'Shura.

I am an individual who is continually working and refining my own self. I am a firm believer in the power of accessing all the tools necessary to improve yourself through health of mind, body and spirit. I was blessed to have the opportunity to participate in this coach training program through my writing to be considered for a scholarship and was awarded it!

Lori D. (Marchell) Carlsen- Certified Creative Coach

Lori is a certified Creative  Coach, whose passion is to encourage and inspire others.  In addition to coaching , Lori is an author, workshop presenter and holds her AFAA and Reiki II Certifications.   Click here to learn more about Lori.

"Informative. Helpful. Engaging.

These are just a few words to describe my training experience with The Coach Training Academy. I was humbled to be taught Steven Kiges, someone with such extensive experience coupled with an impressive background. I felt so comfortable and welcome in class! The content was interesting, and the coaching approaches I learned can be used, not only in my coaching practice, but also in my everyday life. He did a fabulous job of explaining some very complex material, and addressing ANY questions (I had many,) that came up along the way. As it pertains to logistics, Steve also made it very easy to dial into your classes remotely. I was able to be in a virtual classroom with people all over the world! As a college professor who teaches online classes, I can understand the challenge of keeping students engaged via technology. Steve not only kept us engaged, but also provided an open floor for us to discuss subject matter and share experiences! Much emphasis was placed on the fundamentals, and I believe that is of much importance. The information provided was very clear and easy to understand. I truly feel that Steve genuinely cares about me and my success as a coach, as he does each one of his students. I am grateful that I came across The Coach Training Academy, and am grateful for the support and instruction from Master Coach Steve Kiges!"

Elyssa Lassiter - Certified Life Coach

Elyssa is a certified Life  Coach, with a strong list of success and experience.   She is dedicated to help clients find their true passion and unraveling those issues that stand in their way. In addition to coaching , Elyssa is a college professor and  journalist.   Click here to learn more about Elyssa.

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