Why Accredited Coach Training is Important

While the coaching profession is established it is still fairly new as compared to other businesses. As with all professions it is critical to set training standards so the public can be assured of receiving quality services and accredited coach training.

Therefore when The Coach Training Academy was being formed it was important for our schools curriculum to be accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). The ICF is the one of the largest international body for the coaching profession and has been responsible for setting accredited coach training standards. Our ICF accreditation assures you that The Coach Training Academy’s has met the ICF’s stringent requirements and you will receive the highest quality training available.

By choosing The Coach Training Academy you are stating that high quality training is of great value to you and you understand the importance of this to your future.

“Our Success Conversion Coaching Programs are approved coach training units through the International Coach Federation (ICF) and presented in partnership with Rhema International Training Group Inc. You may view the ICF approval by visiting Accredited Coach Training Program Search Service and entering “The Coach Training Academy” in the lower search box titled Training Organization.

The Coach Training Academy(CCA) is also proud to be certified by the Certified Coaches Alliance. This independent and international organization is committed to the development of standards and procedures that reflect the needs of a dynamic, diverse and complex society of individuals. An important aspect of developing applications for International coach training markets is the adequate representation and promotion of educational coach programming while continually working toward improvement of support services.
accredited coach training

The CCA’s format of program accreditation provides a thoughtful and respectful process for the approval of cutting edge programming, on-demand and niche specific training. The intention of the CCA is to represent these accredited coach training programs Internationally with the integrity of diversity.