My experience with The Coach Training  Academy
by T'Shura Sempel CEC   Trinidad & Tabago
Founder and CEO of LIfe in Balance Caribbean Limited

After deciding that I wanted to be formally trained as an Executive Coach & Life Coach, I began exploring schools online and even made contact with one who would be hosting a training program in Washington. However, this was proving to be enormously expensive, I also found out other things about the programme that made it an unsuitable fit for me. After a few more months of research, I found The Coach Training Academy. Several things stood out for me when I explored attending training at The Coach Training Academy:

  • They had a payment plan and that got me excited, as where I live the currency conversion rate is 0.14USD to 1.00 TTD
  • There was great clarity and simplicity in the communication they used to tell about themselves and coaching
  • There were no gimmicks and fantastic promises
  • The program did not involve what would have been for me, expensive trips to the United States
  • The fact that I could do my classes online and after working hours
  • Much to my surprise, I found out that they offered quite generous scholarships
  • The school provided an intimate setting, even through cyberspace, which was important for me. I did not want to feel lost in the multitude, particularly in a virtual setting
  • I loved the fact that part of the programme involved helping students to establish and maintain their coaching profession and business.

My final decision was made after first chatting with the Co-Founder Steve Kiges. I felt that I was speaking with a peaceful jovial soul, who was very professional and knowledgeable. I was surprised to know that the Founder of the Academy had contacted me personally, not someone in ‘administration’. I applied for and received a scholarship, and this increased my motivation to make the institution proud, to represent them well. Being able to do this program was very important to me and they were making it happen.

Throughout my executive coach and life coach training instructors and facilitators would clearly guide us through defining, examining and practicing the skills to which we were being introduced. Being able to immediately put into practice in each class, what I was learning helped to cement the learning and its application, it made the skills real. Also, a staff member was always available, via telephone and e-mail to support and encourage us.

Ok, so that was a brief academic synopsis of my time as a student. Now allow me to share on a personal level how The Coach Training Academy worked with me, coached me and facilitated my successful completion this life coach training program.

During the first month of this program I switched jobs, moving from a mid-level position to a very demanding managerial post. The long 10 to 12 hour days made class attendance challenging, particularly when I had to travel, but classes at The Coach Training Academy (TCTA) are flexible, so I was able to attend alternate classes to avoid falling behind. Thank you for that TCTA.

Also, a few months after getting into the program, my grand-mother, who had never been in the hospital in her life, had to be hospitalized, this was traumatic for the entire family, and we had many sleepless nights. The staff was right there supporting me along.

Then, my aunty got married a few months after, a huge affair, and the first grand wedding in the family in decades. This too took a toll on my time and energy, but I made it because of the information that TCTA sends to you to support you in classes. The information was comprehensive and highly applicable, so I was able to read and keep up on my time, with classes supplementing my learning.

Finally, I began to doubt my ability to manage my own business, yes I could coach, it came naturally to me, but could I do it as my only source of income (which is what I wanted to aim for), or was I fooling myself. I was stuck at the business proposal challenge. An instructor called me and gave me such encouragement, he believed that I could do it, and that helped my belief in myself. I completed the challenge, in full and on time. I was able to graduate with a high grade in the examination and overall.

That’s not the end of it, TCTA has been supportive even after graduation. It’s not been just through a newsletter or an invitation to a conference, Master Coach Steve has personally supported and encouraged me in growing as an executive coach and in growing my business. He has helped me to hone my skills even further and is always available for guidance.

It’s amazing to me that the founder of an organization that has such global reach, is so personally involved in each student’s growth and development. I am beyond happy that I chose The Coach Training Academy to do my certification, and I shall be with them even to my Master Coach qualification and beyond.

Ok, so now what has been happening? I have established my own consultancy, full time, my clientele is growing and satisfied, and I am looking forward to the probability of contracts for group work with local institutions. I am not only better equipped to assist persons in the realization of their goals, but I have grown personally. I very fulfilled. Thank you TCTA.

About T'Shura Sempel, Certified Executive Coach, CEC

All of my experiences and training, coupled with research done whilst working in the fields of Developmental Advising and Mediation, Teaching and Co-ordinating have guided me to my passion, I found that what I had been searching for was couched in the field of Life Coaching. After completing training with The Coach Training Academy, I became an internationally certified Transition Life Coach, equipped to work with groups as well as individuals. I also work with persons as a Personal Development Strategist and Advisor.

Now that I have found and have become qualified in my field, my objective now is to partner with persons and groups in their journey toward the changing of mind-sets, the development and achievement of goals, and the actualization of life fulfillment.

We can sometimes get lost in the whirlwind of activities that pull at our lives. At times it seems as though there isn’t enough time to carry out the tasks we set out to accomplish, more so, do we even find the time to set tasks. We ask ourselves how will I know what to pull from the confusion to use in the making of my beautiful life tapestry? Everything seems to be important. At Life In Balance Caribbean I work with you within your schedule to help you bring your life into balance, and keep it that way. I offer;

A Life Coach, someone who will sit with you and help you to identify and weigh the pieces.

A Strategist, someone who can assist with putting all the disarrayed pieces of time and life into that rich tapestry.

One can sometimes find though, that some of the pieces will not co-operate, conflict occurs and slows down or stops the weaving of the tapestry. We also provide;

Conflict Resolution Training and Mediation Services.