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I love The Coach Training Academy. With the tools and skills acquired, I have begun to use my story in Foster care to share faith and hope. The instructors ignited my undeniable passion for empowering others globally on an entire different level. I am so excited to now call myself a certified Empowerment Coach.  In addition, I am now a published author of my just recently released, "Moments of Surrender: Revealing the Missing Pieces". 

Since then I have been blessed to share my story with an innovative addiction treatment agency offering comprehensive services to women, and have been blessed to teach my workshop “Unleash and Unlock Greatness in You” at Maryland CASA’s 2nd Annual Foster Youth Summit at the University of Maryland School of Social Work in June 2016, equipping young adults (ages 14-21) exiting the foster care system and entering adulthood with the resources and tools necessary to thrive. Additionally, I have been able to offer coaching services to Foster care youth.

The Coach Training Academy’s curriculum was instrumental in the transformational work that I do and has allowed me to establish my coaching company, Launching Out Empowerment Coaching L.L.C, a life coaching and training practice for youth and foster care alumni. Receiving my certification, has inspired my life’s mission to partner with individuals and organizations for the development and implementation of their ideal outcomes through coaching and training that empowers, equips, and inspires launching out into new dimensions with limitless possibilities.

Empowerment Coaching Workshops

From 10 years of my life in the foster care system, I now share my story of resilience and faith throughout the world. I love to speak on topics related to the power of determination and faith in coping with adversity and struggle, rejection, humiliation, emotional distress and overwhelming anxiety, transforming from victim to victor.

The Coach Training Academy gave me the tools necessary to effectively use my story as a source for motivation and resilience and creativity, from my personal to professional life. I am now able to use true-life trials and triumphs, to inspire others to have the strength and capability to overcome struggles, addictions, adversity and fear. Through my coaching I work to cultivate focus, drive commitment, and share hope to encourage others to take action.

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Charlene Bolden, is a foster care alumnus who first entered the system as a 13-year- old in Tampa, Florida. At the age of 16, she transitioned to the Maryland foster care program when she relocated to Howard County. As a teenager, Charlene struggled to find the genuine support that she needed from the system while growing into an adult. Forced to navigate the uncharted terrain of living independently with no guidance, Charlene found herself afraid and unprepared for life on her own. But against all odds, she found an inner strength during her high school years. Not only did she grow into a leader among her peers, but Charlene also became a symbol of motivation for other students, by always encouraging them to dream and never lose sight of life’s wonderful possibilities.

Charlene has shared her inspirational story with a variety organizations and individuals. She has spoken at independent living events and foster parent trainings to create awareness about the challenges faced by youth in the system. She is passionate about helping young people who are currently in foster care, as well as foster care alumni, to achieve breakthrough results that enable them to live fulfilling and joyful lives. Charlene is relentlessly focused on delivering tools and strategies that foster youth and alumni can use right now to improve their skillsets and business knowledge. Her personal exposure to the foster care system fuels a lifelong ambition to share her success with others, while instilling faith, support, and hope.

Charlene Bolden is an advocate for self-discovery and personal transformation. She has risen to become an author of Moments of Surrender Revealing The Missing Pieces. A Certified Life Empowerment Coach, speaker, and founder of Launching Out Empowerment Coaching L.L.C--a company designed exclusively for foster youth and young adults. Charlene’s personal story is the perfect voice for empowerment. Charlene Bolden studied Public Relations at Prince Georges Community College. She received her BA in Communications with a minor in Accounting, and an MBA from Southern New Hampshire University. Recognizing her gift for helping others succeed, she sought instruction from The Coach Training Academy, where she completed an International Coach Federation (ICF) and Certified Coaches Alliance (CCA) accredited, professional certified coaching program. Charlene brings a vast background in communications, public relations, marketing and business development to the table. She is also highly experienced in branding and life coaching. Her work with international clientele allows individuals and organizations to experience her coaching methods free from any boundaries.

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