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Spotlight on a few Amazing Graduates!

Tomika is a certified coach and expert on professional single moms.  The founder of Motivated Mamas, a mastermind and coaching business dedicated to the success of single-parent families.

Anne Beaulieu is a Certified Emotional Intelligence coach who works with women professionals and stay at home moms to help them make room for themselves in their own life. 

Spiritual Life Coach

Vanessa Marie

Dewsbury focuses her practice on assisting

clients to go within themselves so they can connect with who they

 are at the very core of their being.

Certified Coach Programs

We offer fully ICF accredited online coach training.  Our core life coach training program is our 24 week Success Coach certification that prepares you for a successful career in coaching. Our special Fast Track Coach Certification is also available.  Learn More

Accredited & Certified 

ICF (The International Coach Federation) and the CCA (Certified Coaches Alliance) are your assurance that you are receiving the best online coach training available.  These are independent .....
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Why Choose Us?

We understand you have many choices when considering online coach training. Here are just a few of the reasons why The Coach Training Academy should be at the top of your list for coach certification. Learn More

Coach Training Scholarships

We understand that finances can get in the way of your dreams, we have a limited number of online coach training scholarships available.  Our coach scholarship program is  funded internally and by generous donations from graduates.     Learn More

Why Choose The Coach Training Academy
 for ICF Life Coach Certification?

People are attracted to the coaching profession from all tracks of life.   Our student body is filled with excited students from all over the world and come from every profession you can name; doctors, lawyers, executives, stay at home moms/dads, therapists, social workers, office workers, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, speakers, students, retires, clergy, energy healers, personal trainers...... the list is endless.

So whatever your background, if your purpose in life is to affect change in the world, to help others be the best they can be, then becoming a certified coach will teach you the strategies in our online coaching programs, that professional successful coaches use. Our ICF accredited coach training programs will provide you with the skills to enter this exciting new field as a life coach, business coach, health coach or specialty coach in your chosen niche.

Earn Your International Coach Federation (ICF) Credential

In the world of coaching, the International Coach Federation (ICF) is considered the gold standard for coach certifications.  For those that are serious about being respected and viewed as professionals, ICF Coach Training & ICF Coach Certification is important.  Currently approximately 30,000 coaches hold an ICF credential.  

An ICF certification is the only globally recognized coaching certification.  As a graduate of a recognized ICF accredited certified life coach training program and ICF certification, coaches demonstrate their knowledge, skill, and commitment to very high ethical and professional standards.

It’s Time to LEARN, GROW and INSPIRE Your World! Say YES to your SUCCESS and join us today.
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Online ICF Accredited Coach Training Programs

Coach Training

This ICF accredited Coach Training Program is for those looking for an intensive,  quick overview of professional coaching.  The program also includes a solid coaching strategy, structure, an understanding of coaching ethics and a coaching certification.  We offer the Fast Track in small groups based on requests.  If interested in this life coaching certification program please contact us for further information.

Coach Training

Our 24 week ICF Coach Training program is for those looking to build professional level skills, and the confidence to provide superior value to your clients. You will have training partners and experienced ICF mentor coaches to guide you as well as a community of peers to learn from. Those in career transition, and serious about becoming an outstanding coach would want to enroll in this program.  This is an ICF 60 hour certification track program.

The question to ask is "who is driving the bus?"
Emotional Intelligence is not just about having emotions but are they serving us or are we serving them? Who or what is in charge?  Many people go through their lives, slaves to  their emotional states with very little choice.  This primer in Emotional Intelligence is to learn the core concepts and abilities we have to set out own emotional states and help our clients do the same.

What others say about our Online ICF Coach Training

Actual comments from students. Copies of emails, letters and faxes are on on file.

The Coach Training Academy provided me with the tools to take my coaching business to a new level. Steve Kiges and BJ Radomski are two of the finest coaching professionals in the business. The training I had with them was top notch and in my top ten best professional development experiences. If you are looking for a professional and comprehensive learning opportunity I encourage you to work with the Coach Training Academy for an experience beyond compare.

Executive Coach

Wanda Jones-Yeatman

Wanda is a Senior Organization Development Consultant at NASA &  provides  consulting, coaching & training services.    Click here  to see Wanda in action

Great training! The experience greatly exceeded my expectations. Being a professional and having attended many trainings I was impressed with the comprehensive level of the course. A highlight of the training was being able to be trained, coached and personally mentored by Steve Kiges. I can’t recommend him highly enough. He has exceptional insight into human behaviour and how to best work with clients. It is one thing to read books and take courses but quite another to learn how to best integrate the material with clients. Steve will definitely help you to get to the heart of a problem or issue that maybe holding your client back, in a thought provoking and supportive manner. If you are looking for exceptional coach training or want to take your coaching to a higher level, then The Coach Training Academy will certainly help you achieve this.

Sports Performance coach

Damian Neil

Technical Director & National Coach, The Malta Rugby Football Union.
Click here  to find out more about Damian.

Online Coach Training

Coach Training Asia Fitness

I am glad I enrolled in The Coach Training Academy’s ICF certified training; initially I took this course to be my “STOP GAP” during my pregnancy so I can add credentials when I go back to the corporate world as an HR Executive. As I move to the 16th week of the 26 weeks program, my mindset started to change and before I new it, I changed my business plan to be an Executive Life Coach.  This was one of the GREAT investments I have ever made.

Christine Bata

Executive Coach

Attending The Coach Training Academy was a life changing experience for me. Even though it was a great challenge to get my training in a language different than mine, I feel so blessed that I have in my hands the opportunity to expand the benefits of coaching in the Spanish-speaking world.
I would like to especially thank to Master Coach Steve Kiges whose invaluable support from the very first moment.........

Maria Elena Mundo Idimas

Certified Academic Coach Argentica

The Coach Training Academy Life Coach
Scholarship Assistance Program

The Scholarship Assistance Program is setup to help those students that can not attend our school due to financial difficulties. We do not want to see talented, caring individuals turned away from the coaching profession due to limited funding.  Our school is one of the best ICF accredited coaching programs offered where students can obtain an online ICF coaching certification at a reasonable cost.