Dr. Vibes comments about The Coach Training Academy

My name is Ed Gough Jr., many people know me as Dr. Vibe from my radio program The Dr. Vibe Show where we support and encourage black males to leadership roles in our community. I am also a Certified Leadership Coach and I trained with The Coach Training Academy(TCTA).

One of my close associates from Atlanta, Georgia told me about an accredited life coach training course they had graduated from, The Coach Training Academy. 

I investigated other coach training courses before making a decision. It was a conversation with one of the co-founders Steven Kiges where we discussed my goals and direction that really caught my attention. I really liked the way he showed concern for me and also answered all of mine and my wife’s questions.

The instructors were a pleasure to work with during the weekly calls because of their pleasant and positive attitude made these calls educational, fun and interesting. These training sessions were handled in a professional and fair manner by making sure everyone had equal amounts time to learn and ask questions. If we had someone on a call that had a concern, rather than getting upset, our instructor would continue to point out the positives until the person began to enjoy themselves and understood the point.

One of the many things that I enjoyed about the course was emphasis on building a certified leadership coach business. In my research on different coaching courses, this course was the one that spent the most time on helping the student build a an actual coaching business.

Another great feature of the program is the accessibility of the staff including the co-founder Steve Kiges. Even now that I have graduated when I needed some help, support or toss around some ideas they still make themselves available. This has been critical in the growth of myself and my coaching business.

"The course material was excellent in helping myself and my wife with a good understanding of becoming successful life coaches and running a successful leadership coach business."

When I first started the course, I thought that I would just learn about the becoming a successful life coach and running a successful coaching business. But, I also learned a lot about me. This was something that I did not expect and I do not take for granted and will never ever forget.

The training has also helped me with dealing with people because I am better in dealing with people where their at, whether it is a professional or non-personal conversation.

I also appreciate the continued mentorship that the program provides me.

A highlight of the program are the coach mentoring sessions which will take your understanding of the coach process to a much higher level. A huge plus is to be training by coaches that are successful professional coaches.

I would recommend The Coach Training Academy not only because it will provide a great foundation to become a certified life coach. But it provides the foundation for a successful coaching business, provides a great opportunity to invest in oneself, help others and is run by great people.

Certified Leadership Coach Ed Gough Jr. (Dr. Vibe)

With no formal training in coding or broadcasting, Ed Gough Jr. known as Dr. Vibe has become Canada’s Prince of Podcast. He dominates the Internet when it comes to hosting intelligent, entertaining conversations on race and gender. His experience as a TV reporter injects an extra dose of thoughtfulness into all of his interviews, setting him apart from the average online broadcaster. He brings that same professionalism and insight to all of his online conversations across platforms such as Google+ , YouTube , Facebook and Twitter.

Dr. Vibe has been the host and producer of his own podcast The Dr. Vibe Show for the last decade. He has done over 1000 interviews with people from all over the world. He has gotten into the minds of Black powerhouses such as: Canadian football great Michael “Pinball” Clemons, Canadian Senator Don Meredith, ESPN Radio’s Freddie Coleman, actress and producer Robin Givens and MSNBC & CNN Education Contributor, Dr. Steve Perry. His main mission is to peel back the layers of the mainstream media’s construct around Black males, to reveal the positivity that is often clouded. He’s been featured on platforms such as HuffPost Live because of his candid and informed opinions.

As of May 2013, The Dr. Vibe Show is the first and only podcast to be regularly featured on the popular U.S. based men’s website, The Good Men Project which has 3 million unique visitors per month and 6 million page views per month. Dr. Vibe is the host and co-producer of the monthly Google+ Hangouts for Premium Members of The Good Men Project (Original host and co-producer since November 2013).

Ed Gough Jr., CLC (Dr. Vibe)