My name is Lori D. (Marchell) Carlsen and I am a Certified Creative Coach. I am creative by nature and was blessed to have the opportunity to participate in this ICF Accredited coach training program through my writing. I was grateful to be considered for a  coach training scholarship and was awarded it! Being an individual who is continually working and refining my own self, and having survived a Near Death Experience, I am a firm believer in the power of accessing all the tools necessary to improve yourself through health of mind, body and spirit.

My coach training began that summer of 2012! How exciting to meet and connect with individuals seeking out the best in themselves and others through this training! I marvelled at the extent of detailed, descriptive coursework and enjoyed speaking with students from across the globe every week! I must say that the complexity of the course and the various directions one could take in their coaching discipline shows one just how important this area of our life is - everyone needs a little encouragement and tools to assist them along the way. The most impactful class that I remember was on Listening with Eight Sets of Ears and the importance of rephrasing and restating for the other(s) involved in the conversation to really hear what is being said.

In this text, cell, computer instant messaging world our electronics have created, the Art of Listening is truly integral in our communication process as it is a discipline. By passing my exam and becoming a Certified Creative Coach, it has allowed for me to assist others in ways that I can only attribute to the excellent training program! My "ah ha" moment would have to be realizing that my core passion is to encourage and inspire others! What better way than to assist others with their dreams, goals and desires! Now with my AFAA and Reiki II Certifications, I keep adding additional tools to assist my growth and development and thereby clients, students, family and friends. It is a gift you give yourself.

About Lori

Reading and writing stories, art, photography, dance, yoga, pilates and piano are the basis of my passion. From playing the piano at The New York State Fair, I have composed copyrighted music entitled C-13 Sonata which has seven movements and is posted on U-Tube together with artwork, photography and a few family photos in my parent’s memory. I also played the keyboards in two original and cover bands. Involved in ballet and gymnastics since the age of 3, I am now a certified Pilates and Yoga Instructor.

My artwork graces the altar and tabernacle at St. Vincent de Paul Church, the altar at retired priests’ chapel, the outdoor nativity at Sacred Heart Church to Lourdes Hospital End of Life Hospice Center. Other venues include various galleries and gift shops in the 1,000 Islands and Finger Lakes region.I give private and group art lessons as well as piano lessons.

My photography has enlightened Cat Fancy’s desk calendar with my beloved Maine Coon Cat named Sylvester whose silly somersaulting abilities can be seen on U-Tube. I have been published in More Than Survivors newsletter, took part in The Institute of Children’s Literature Program as well as published on TUT.COM blog about my Near Death Experience.

My Father’s Greatest Gift: Life Lessons from a Black English Labrador Retriever is my first book with the candid cover photograph of the narrator of the book, Chert, an English Labrador Retriever. I have made several workshop presentations with my certification through The Certified Coaches Alliance, on a growing series of topics with the message of my life to be the importance of balance and alignment with our mind, body and spirit.