About Us

 Life Coach Training Certification Preparation Programs

Brian (BJ) Radomski – Co Founder

Executive coach Brian (BJ) Radomski is a bottom line driven professional and has been running his own successful coaching practice for over 10 years. As one of the early adopters in the coaching industry, BJ has been called upon by many new coaches to improve their skills and assist them with establishing a practice.

Over the last several years in Asia, BJ has focused on bringing life coach training certification programs of the highest quality into organizations. His workshops have been training managers, executives and business owners how to become internal coaches and transform their organizations.

BJ is thrilled to join Master Coach Steve Kiges and offer long-distance life coach training certification and the elite coach training through The Coach Training Academy .

In addition to his coaching practice (www.BJRadomski.com) BJ has owned and operated businesses in North America and Asia.

Working with BJ, you learn coaching is not just about theory.

Steven H. Kiges – Co Founder

Steven is a speaker, author, entrepreneur, coach trainer, and Certified Master Life Coach: a distinction held for coaches who have logged over 5000 hours with clients.

By integrating his extensive life experience and training, he helps people create spectacular change in the quality of their lives. Steven’s first career was as an accomplished Juilliard-trained musician.

At Juilliard he had the opportunity to work and learn from some of the top performers in the world. His classmates included; Yo Yo Ma, Wynton Marsalis, Kevin Klein & Robin Williams. This valuable experience taught him about the inner workings of motivation, dedication, and focus.

After a 15 year international performing and university teaching career, Steven became restless and wondered what the world of business would be like. He immersed himself in business; taking classes and searched out top business mentors. Within a short time he became Vice President and partner at Mercedes Dental Software. With Steven’s energy and perseverance Mercedes grew to be one of the largest Dental software companies in North America. After selling Mercedes, Steven moved on to pursue his real lifelong dream, touching people’s lives.

As far back as high school, Steven has been on the road to personal growth driven by what he calls “the curiosity of why we humans do what we do”. Even during his years as a professional musician and as an entrepreneur, Steven always made his personal growth a priority, attending workshops and studying with some of the top human development trainers in the world.

Steven is a Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic-Programming with the Richard Bandler organization, Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist (American Board of Hypnotherapy), Time Line Therapy Specialist and a Certified Master of Communication Skills. He brings to his clients a wide array of techniques and applications that help them get unstuck and reach goals quickly.

As Steven says, “No one breezes through life. We are all very much the same with just variations of our own issues and demons to work on; that is the human experience”. Steven battled with obesity himself for many years, losing over 170 lbs and has stayed in his healthy weight range for over fifteen years.

Dr. Missy Johnson – Advisor

Dr. Missy Johnson (.iamdrmissy.com/), Speaker, Transformation Coach and Author of No Longer Silent, is a highly respected inspirational breakthrough strategist and an expert on showing women how to overcome fear, limiting beliefs about themselves so that they experience true freedom and walk confidently in their true purpose. Dr. Missy mantra is the 3M's; Mindset, Message and the Mission. She is also the CEO of Girls Who Inspire - Play a Bigger Game University. A non-profit organization for young ladies ages 15-21 years old. Dr. Missy is a founding member of the John Maxwell Team and Certified Coach Practitioner from the Certified Coaches Alliance.

Dr. Missy has served the public sector in the automotive at one of the top corporation worldwide for over 20+ years while working her way up to management where she coached, trained and mentored employees. Dr. Missy was also responsible for managing revenue well over 10 million dollars while maintaining the logistics operation of several production plants across the globe. Dr. Missy has worked with several political leaders, ecclesiastic staff members, and non-profit agencies. In addition holds several recognition and awards for outstanding services. Dr. Missy is serious about bridging the gap between ministry and marketplace and help aspiring start-up business owners, women, and newpreneurs develop the right message as they transition into entrepreneurship.