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Why Self-Awareness Can Enhance Your Overall Success


As a professional Spiritual Life Coach, developing Self-Awareness is a very important element in the life coaching programs.

When one develops self-awareness, they become a conscious creator of their life. By recognizing that their own thoughts, feelings, and emotions are their guiding force they take control of their inner environment and how they respond to their external environment.

What is Self-Awareness?

Self-Awareness is the conscious understanding of one's own thoughts, behaviours, feelings, and desires

Self-awareness is the act of getting in-tune and connecting with who you are at your core so you can identify how you operate on a daily basis. It is becoming consciously aware and accountable for how you react and respond in certain situations. People with a high level of self-awareness are said to live happier, peaceful, more fulfilling lives because they’re in tune and aligned with their dreams, desires, and goals.

Self-awareness Coaching enhances your authenticity as you begin to live from a more purposeful place as you choose to follow what feels good and right for you. I have witnessed some pretty amazing transformations in my clients after they worked on developing their self-awareness .

What self-awareness helps unlock new possibilities?

A vital tool to your overall success, self-awareness helps you better know yourself, which in turn, helps you recognize your strengths and abilities, and uncover your weaknesses. This process involves getting real, honest, and vulnerable with yourself, and it means not being afraid to dig deeply into “self” to check where change may be required in order for growth to take place. I like to remind my coaching clients to refrain from any self-judgment during this process. You are not expected to be perfect, so be easy on yourself.

When it comes to relationships and encounters with those around us, we are often quick to point out the shortcomings of others—judging their character and choices—but seldom do we look at our own behaviours and actions. We can’t change or control the actions of others, so it’s important that we put our energy, effort, and focus on the things we can, and need to change about ourselves, so we can become proactive in our own development.

Being self-aware can also assist you in becoming a more effective leader. It enables you to take yourself out of a situation to see opinions and perspectives from the eyes of another; this is also called Emotional Intelligence. If you have the ability to remain as an observer when dealing with people, it shows that you have a deep understanding of others and can effectively provide what a client, customer, or employee may need. As you develop self-awareness, you will begin to operate from a place of true confidence, a trait many people are drawn to.

Overall, developing and enhancing self-awareness will substantially affect not only the relationship you have with yourself, but with everyone else around you. It will create more healthy, meaningful, and interpersonal relationships that will contribute to your growth and success in all areas of your life. If you feel you need more guidance in this area, I highly recommend looking into hiring a Coach who can offer you assistance in the process. Coach's have the ability to shine light on things we may not fully be aware of.

How does one develop Self-awareness? 

Here are a few tools and techniques I share with my clients..


Become fully aware of your thoughts, behaviours, and actions. This will help you recognize where your thoughts lead you and how you can incorporate change if necessary. You will discover that you become more discerning when making decisions, as your choices will come from a more authentic and aligned place.


Meditation is the art of going within, and within is always where we need to start. It also allows you to release stress, tension, and emotions that could be affecting how you deal with situations that arise in daily your life. Meditation helps you gain clarity, confidence, and harmony.


Journaling helps you keep track of your emotions, your accomplishments, and your failures. This helps us see where we can implement change and it reminds us of our successes and our growth.

A Psychometric Test

A Psychometric Test assists you in raising your awareness. The test encourages you to think deeply about yourself and your character. Try a free test here: 100-question psychometric test

I believe one of the purposes of life is for us to be the best version of who we really are. In order to do this, we must dive deep into our own “self” to understand who we are and why we do the things we do. Getting to know ourselves better and building upon that vital relationship will help make us better individuals all around.

Self Awareness

Vanessa Marie Dewsbury is a professional Spiritual Life Coach and is very passionate about helping people navigate back to their true self. You can find out more about Vanessa and her coaching programs at www.vanessamariedewsbury.com


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