The Coach Training Academy – 24 Week Comprehensive Success Coach Certified Training Program

“A compass will always point you to true North and if you follow its path, you will surely never reach what you seek, for you cannot survive the swamps, rivers, and chasms you must cross on your way. If, however, you take your time, plan, and find routes around these obstacles, you will almost always reach your goal.” Abraham Lincoln

This quote from Abraham Lincoln is at the heart of our course structure at The Coach Training Academy. We understand you want to be an exceptional coach and have a thriving business. Now while you do not need to cross any swamps or rivers to become a success coach, our school and instructors will help guide you to reaching your goals.

The Coach Training Academy will prepare you for the rewards and challenges of the coaching profession.

Our 24 week ICF Professional coach training program is delivered via live weekly interactive web/teleconference classes. 

Our specialty state of the art conferencing software allows us to teach a particular coaching pattern and then break the group into pairs for practice.   Then everyone rejoins the group for sharing and observation.   So while we are not in a typical brick and mortar school, we can simulate a similar class learning structure.

Your choice for the live online 90 minute class times are:
  • Monday 5pm PST (Los Angeles Time) or
  • Tuesday 5pm PST (Los Angeles Time)  or
  • Wednesday 5pm PST (Los Angeles Time) or
  • Thursday 5pm PST (Los Angeles Time)
  • Wednesday 8am PST (Los Angeles Time)
  • Thursday 8am PST (Lost Angeles Time)

Check the class schedule in your time zone: https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/

We are also flexible and allow students to switch classes during a particular week with 48 hours notice.  

Peer coach practice and mentor coaching sessions are scheduled at mutually acceptable times.  

New Session Availability for Success Coach Certification

We generally offer intake for new students 7 - 10 months per year depending on class size and registration limits.   Please contact us for details about the success coach .

The eleven Core Competencies & Ethical Standards recognized by the International Coach Federation provide the foundation of our certified training.

At the Coach Training Academy, these competencies will be delivered in such a way that you feel completely natural when coaching and not just following a set of rules and regulations. You will gain even more confidence as we provide you with a full set of supporting coach material including; checklists, forms and templates, you will never be in doubt of what you should do.

The founders and trainers of The Coach Training Academy are professional coaches and are excited to share with you the proven techniques from their decades of coaching.

Your confidence and competence will be the best it can be after training with The Coach Training Academy. Our training has earned the recognition of the International Coach Federation (ICF) which means all training hours are accredited learning hours. The ICF rates programs following strict guidelines in:

  • Content
  • Core competencies
  • Faculty
  • Class design
  • Proficiency
  • And Ethics

The Coach Training Academy is an important step on your path to becoming a superior coach and joining this wonderful profession.  

The Certified Success LIFE Coach program contains 24 independent, stand-alone modules delivered over 24-weeks. To ensure your success, we provide you with a complete “Turn-key” coaching system.

Our Success Conversion Coaching Model (SCCM) provides you with:
  • A model of effective coach/client relationship. Coaching is many times referred to as a dance, a process of moving and flowing with your client. Our training model gives you a solid foundation and structure to work from;
  • A time tested extremely effective enrollment strategy; You must know this method to effectively build your practice.
  • Coaching session outline guide (you’ll know what to say and how to say it) From this foundation you will learn the creativity and art of effective coaching.
  • Thought provoking weekly LIVE interactive teleconference calls that include break-out sessions with partners and small groups during many of the calls;
  • Peer Partnership: Through student-partnership you become both peer coach and peer client. Learn and experiment in a controlled, low pressure environment;
  • Mentored-Coaching Sessions: Receive 5 mentored-coaching sessions. These valuable sessions will give you insights on how an experience coach views your sessions;
  • Our exclusive business development focus goes beyond just building a coaching practice,we’ll show you how anyone with some entrepreneurial spirit can become an expert within the coaching market of your choosing. Our schools goal is to just not produce coaches but coaches with highly successful practices;
  • To further ensure your business success we will provide you with a 6-month exclusive Membership with the ASC based out of Campbellsville, KY. USA to developing a clear and precise vision for your coaching practice by following a simple, powerful, direct plan of action. (A $749.00 USD value)
Specialized Niche in Life Coach Training

Our course curriculum also includes specialized training in three of the top current coaching niches:

  • Coaching Emotional Intelligence
  • Coaching through Career Transitions
  • Wellness Coaching

This training is your private arsenal to leave our program with your certification in-hand and prepared to coach a broad client-base in three popular coaching niches. This is additional invaluable training at no addition cost to you.

How you will benefit from our Success Coach Certification Program

You will learn the ‘Core Competencies’ as defined by the International Coach Federation:

  • Meeting Ethical Guidelines and Professional Standards
  • Establishing the Coaching Agreement
  • Establishing Trust and Intimacy with the Client
  • Coaching Presence
  • Active Listening
  • Powerful Questioning
  • Direct Communication
  • Creating Awareness
  • Designing Actions
  • Planning and Goal Setting
  • Managing Progress and Accountability
  • Work with an effective ‘Coaching Model;’
  • Learn the fundamental elements of running a successful coaching career;
  • Business development – learn how to build your successful coaching business faster than you ever thought possible;
  • Be prepared with training in Coaching Through Career Transitions, Emotional Intelligence and Coaching to Wellness;
  • Marketing – discover the secrets to marketing your business without having to ‘sell’ it;
  • Convenient morning and evening teleclasses that fit into anyone’s most demanding schedule.
  • A wonderful support staff;

Enrollment for Certified Success Coach Training

Important! If you are looking for the usual "signup now" button your will not find one.  The success for every one of our students is paramount. While we do not have pre requisites to enroll for training, we do find having a short personal discussion helps answer any questions and allow us to provide you with deeper understanding of what we do and why we do it.

Once this process is complete we will guide you to the appropriate payment options.   We feel it is important first to have your questions answered, understand coaching certification and make sure our program is the right fit for you.

We would love to chat and start this process.   Simply click this Contact Me link, tell us a bit about yourself.  We look forward to supporting on your goal to become a professional coach.

Full Program Cost – $1,997.00 USD  

Payment Option #1 Single Payment Discount: $1,797.00 USD

Save 10% or $200 off the full regular price of $2,000.00 when you pay your tuition in one payment.

Payment Option #2 Subscription Payment Option $2,000.00 USD

This options allows you to pay your tuition over time. Pay only $200.00 USD down today followed by 9 monthly installments of $200.00

In a Financial Crunch? Don’t let finances dictate your future.