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Why A Spiritual Coach Can Help Change Your Life


As a Spiritual Coach, one of the most important elements in my life  coaching programs is working on mindset. Your mindset is comprised of the beliefs you hold. These beliefs, which influence every aspect of our lives and determine our growth and capabilities, can be negative or positive, and can either serve you or hinder you.

Insights on How A Spiritual Coach Can Help Their Clients

Throughout our lives we become conditioned by the opinions, beliefs, and perspectives of those around us, and this conditioning often determines whether we go after our dreams, goals, and desires, or avoid them at all costs.If you were told as a youth that your grades weren't good enough, even when you tried your best, those opinions and beliefs often become your own and, in turn, your very best will never feel good enough.

Which is why many of us who hold onto these “untrue” beliefs tend not to do things outside our comfort zone; we either feel unworthy or undeserving of trying something new or different. We fear judgment and failure, and often believe we are not good enough to be successful in our relationships, friendships, hobbies, or careers.

What does a Spiritual Coach Do?

We don't take risks. We don’t challenge ourselves. We don’t show up as who we really are, choosing instead to play small and “safe”. This pattern continues until we consciously become aware of our mindset and understand that is not serving us, prompting us to seek new ways to see our world differently; this is when a professional Spiritual Coach is vital.

As a Spiritual Coach I offer tools, techniques, and action plans to help you recognize where your limited beliefs are originating, support you in changing these beliefs, and assist you in changing your mindset. Lead you towards Spiritual lifestyle  that develops the soul instead of focusing on material pleasure.

If you find you experience frequent moments of self-doubt, low confidence, or if your inner critic tries to sabotage your success, become aware of the thoughts you're having in those moments. Are the thoughts true? Are they real? Do you really believe that negative inner critic? We all experience self-doubt and moments of insecurities and we either believe those thoughts and feed them or we recognize them, understand where they may be coming from, and choose instead to create new, empowering, and positive thoughts. This is when a Spiritual Coach can help you.

Here's a helpful tool I share with my clients who hire me as their Spiritual  Coach. When you find yourself having a negative thought, ask yourself, ‘does this thought serve me purpose?’ If you answer ‘no’ and continue with the thought, then you’re responsible for how you feel. If you answer ‘no’ and change the thought, then you take on the task on mastering your mind/thoughts instead of allowing your mind to be your master.

What can a Spiritual coaching help me with?

The amazing thing is, we can change our unconscious belief system through our conscious mind. This requires constant check-ins with our thoughts, changing out any negative thoughts for positive thoughts, and doing it consistently enough that change occurs. We can create a new mindset by conscious awareness, intention, and action. At the same time, it’s also important to dig in and ask yourself where these thoughts and beliefs may be coming from so we don’t ignore anything that needs to be reflected upon and healed.

As a Spiritual Life Coach, I look at the beliefs you have about yourself to see if they are aligned with where you want to be. If they are not aligned, we work on changing the beliefs so they become more aligned with your goals, dreams, and desires. Because let’s be honest, you are worthy of success, in every single area of your life—we all are.

Positive affirmations and meditations are also helpful in this process. Make sticky notes of empowering affirmations such as, ‘I Am Worthy of Success’ or ‘I Am Deserving of Happy and Healthy Relationships’, and place them where you can see them daily. Seeing is believing! You can also listen to meditations that focus on repeating positive affirmations; try listening while you sleep, as our unconscious mind is always listening—it’s the perfect opportunity to fill your unconscious mind with positive, purposeful and empowering beliefs. By doing those things, you are also creating new habits that will reinforce your new belief system.

When you choose to consciously and actively work on reprogramming your mindset, you can change your entire life. When you start to believe in yourself, you become truly unstoppable. If you feel you need a bit of guidance in making these changes, seek out a Spiritual Coach who you feel comfortable with and who will support you on your journey.

We hold the power to change our unconscious mind and create a healthy mindset so we can live our best lives, doing the things we love, and becoming the best version of who we are meant to be.

Here is a great article by Eddy Baller on 10 Ways to Cultivate a Positive Mindset and Change Your Life.  

Spiritual Coach

Vanessa Marie Dewsbury is a professional Spiritual Life Coach and is very passionate about helping people navigate back to their true self. You can find out more about Vanessa and her coaching programs at https://thecoachtrainingacademy.com/vanessa-marie-dewsbury-spiritual-life-coach/


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