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Spiritual Life Coaching – Using the Law of Attraction


An Introduction to Spiritual Life Coaching

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One of the more modern niches in Life Coaching is a specialty called Spiritual Life Coaching. A Spiritual Life Coach works with clients to explore life goals and problems from a spiritual point of view.

From about ten years ago when the movie “What the Bleep” was released and a few years later “The Secret”, many people have been highly attracted to the teachings of Spiritual law of attraction Now, while The Law of Attraction at its core is a simple concept, “focus on what you want, to attract what you want”, the details of manifesting or having goals realized is more complicated.

For this reason in Spiritual Life Coaching most coaches have a strong understanding of the Spiritual Law of Attraction as a base for their work with clients.

Spiritual Life Coaching does not reflect a particular denomination, and whatever denominational affiliation (if any) that the Spiritual Life Coach might observe, would not affect the coaching conversation.

Spiritual Life Coaches help a client to articulate and define what the CLIENT’S spirituality is.

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While the Law of Attraction has its detractors, it cannot be denied that the Law of Attraction works. Why? Because at its roots when used in Spiritual Life Coaching the coach starts with helping the client become clear on what they want. How could someone attract the right job or a better relationship or a challenging career if they first have not identified what they want?

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.”

What follows are some of the techniques used in Spiritual Life Coaching to explore together with their clients, the Law of Attraction.

1. A Process To Shift Negative Thoughts And Feelings

A core belief in Spiritual Life Coaching is we attract similar energy to ourselves. If we are negative or filled with doubt, often that is what gets brought back to us. We manifest what we are, and who we are.

Spiritual Life Coaching and Personal Life coaching are the same in understanding that consistent practice is beneficial and required for their clients to change themselves. The process of shifting away from negative thoughts and feelings can be challenging, and the spiritual life coach can skillfully guide their client through the journey of doing just that.

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After some practice, the ability to move from negative thoughts and feelings towards positive ones becomes second nature. The client empowers him/herself to do so by defining methods they can use in their life to develop this habit. The client created the solution through the Spiritual Life Coaching facilitation process.

Here’s a typical practice scenario’s a client might find valuable.

• You find yourself standing in one of those long lines at the store. It sometimes does not take long to start whining and complaining about it, right? How can you reframe this situation into a positive, life-affirming experience? Possibly, be grateful you are healthy enough to stand in a line? Do you live in a country with abundant things to purchase? You now have time to meet and chat with some of the other people in the line? Have you money to buy things?

Understand, being in a positive state of mind is a choice. What are the choices you are making and are they taking you to where you want to go?

These are the concepts we explore in Spiritual Life Coaching.

2. A Community To Support A Positive Outcome

In spiritual life coaching, a coach may discover the client has little in the way of a supportive lifestyle. In fact, it could be the client’s family or community is quite toxic. For a client trying to better themselves, it is critical to be in an environment of support and positivity. Consider, would it be best for the addict to keep hanging out with other addicts? Probably not!

For the coach using Spiritual Life Coaching this can often be the first challenge, they explore with a client. This idea of creating relationships, teams and even a community of like-minded people. While not for everyone, it is interesting to understand that community is one of the foundations of many organized religions.

3. Using Visualization And Imagination In Spiritual Life Coaching

“Everything starts with an idea, with imagination.”
Carlos Santana

Coaches often use thought or brainstorming with their client for creative ways clients can visualize a dream or goal. With Spiritual Life Coaching if the aim is to buy a new home, the coach may guide their client through some visualization techniques that the client can use to see themselves IN the house, imagine what the house looks like and even visualize themselves in the day to day activities in their home.

In this way Spiritual Life Coaching uses imagination as a proactive and powerful tool in helping manifest dreams into reality and empower the client to achieve their goal.

Visualization releases positive energy and direction that helps turn dreams into reality.

4. A Process For Gratitude

It is no accident that in Spiritual Life Coaching, coaches often explore clients feelings around gratitude. Because gratitude puts us(clients) into a more receptive state. Often coaches will encourage their client to notice things they are grateful for.

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Also, in Spiritual Life Coaching a coach may also explore a detailed plan around the concept of gratitude. This is a clarity process with the client to specify WHEN they will reflect on those things in their life for which they are grateful, HOW they will reflect on their gratitude list (prayer, meditation, etc.) and even WHERE and WHAT TIME. The more a client commits to this task, the more grateful the client becomes and the more aware the client becomes of new blessings in their life. Like attracts like.

In the process of Spiritual Life Coaching, coaches use these principles surrounding the Law of Attraction with their clients, to see their lives with a fresh perspective and vision. Thus empowered, the client moves into experiencing more success, more abundance, and more joy.

Moreover, the client will feel the immense satisfaction of having done much of this themselves and according to their values. They will have set their goal, committed to the work required, and will have reaped the benefits of success through their efforts.

In Spiritual Life Coaching, it is the coach that offers the open door, but it is the client who chooses to walk through it, to a new, more exciting and more fulfilling life.

To find out more about this type of coaching and how to get the needed specialized training click here to learn about the Master Spirit Life Coach program.


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