Tomika is a passionate Professional Single Moms coach and Certified Life coach.

What Brought Tomika to The Coach Training Academy?

professional single moms coach

I came to The Coach Training Academy because I have always had an interest in helping others.  As a career journalist talking to people, understanding them and helping them at times better understand themselves was something I learned I had a genuine passion for. Being a professional and a single parent certainly has its challenges.  None of us has the definitive playbook on how to manage our careers, personal lives and families. I have certainly struggled at times but through these struggles have become dedicated in helping other professional single moms not only traverse these challenges but use them to grow!

Problem-solving is something I enjoy but what I like most is helping people find a path through their own obstacles. Seeing the light-bulb go off for them as it has for me makes me smile. When I realized this was something I wanted to do professionally is when I started my search looking at life coaching and various
professional coach training schools.   From my research I knew I wanted to study at a school that was ICF (International Coach Federation) accredited, as that seems to be an important standard in the professional world. The Coach Training Academy had a good curriculum and liked the branding of the
school around personal leadership.

The training was excellent, giving me clarity on what a professional single moms coach does and how that differs from trainers, consultants, and therapists. Life coaching is a very different process than those modalities. Coaching is a structured process around exploring people's goals and beliefs then discovering new choices and taking action on those choices.

I had the pleasure to have as our trainer, Steve Kiges one of the co-founders of The Coach Training Academy. Working Steve was ideal. He was insightful, patient, knowledgeable, funny and went the extra mile to make sure I was equipped with what I needed to coach. Highly recommended!

Professional Single Moms Coach

Now as a life coach and expert on professional single moms coach I am excitingly moving forward with my vision of helping other moms.  To this end, I launched MotivatedMamas.org.

Motivated Mamas is experiential mastermind where we share expertise, hacks, best practices and problem solve on anything and everything holding you back, whether that's having to navigate the child
support system, a need to boost your credit score, a push toward launching your successful business or securing that corner office.  Or maybe it's losing that stubborn "baby weight" and getting back out there on the dating scene so you can meet someone compatible.

Thank you to The Coach Training Academy and welcome to all you mamas that could use a little attention and inspiration.

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A certified life coach and expert on professional single moms, Tomika is the founder of Motivated Mamas, a mastermind and coaching business dedicated to the success of single parent families.

Professional Single Moms Coach

An award-winning content creator and communications strategy consultant, Tomika has contributed to such U.S. and international outlets as Entertainment Weekly, The Associated Press, Time Out New York, Essence, The Root.com, National Journal, Ebony, Black Enterprise, People, New York, MTV, BET, The CW Network, Fuse, FOX News and CNN.com, and worked with celebrities ranging from Beyonce to Michelle Obama to Serena Williams.

She has also worked with such brands as Martha Stewart Living Omni Media, Universal Music, the Investigation Discovery Channel, and U.S. and international governmental organizations to include the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization and agencies that fall under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Defense.

An avid traveler and mother who has chronicled some of her many adventures to five continents and more than 40 countries including Cuba, Morocco, South Africa, Thailand and India, Tomika is the also the founder of the social networking group Single Parents Who Travel, comprised of thousands of single moms and dads from around the globe. She is also the founder The StoryTellHers, a nearly two decade-old international networking and community service organization comprised of hundreds of women of color media professionals. A graduate of the University of Virginia, she resides in the Washington, D.C. area with her son.

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