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Life Coaching – Working with Clients to Beat Stress


Life Coaching - An Approach to Stress Relief

Life Coaching has proven to be an effect method that allows clients to both understand and lessen the overwhelming stress in our society.  These days with so  many people in a state of overwhelm stress has become one of our largest social issues. Most people struggle with a variety of issues that may cause enormous stress including work, family and money. Life Coaching is a great help to many in learning how to manage stress and is what also attracts many to hire a coach. Working with a Life Coach, a client can develop a robust set of tools that when used, bring stress under control and allow the client to enjoy a more fulfilling and much happier life.

Life Coaching

Through life coaching significant changes begin to take place in the life of clients and the coach helps their client develop strategies and tools to manage stress; in turn, managing stress helps a client gain confidence as the client begins to experience success in how they relate to the various stressors in their lives.  

One example of a common stressor is the fear of public speaking. A professional Life Coach invites the client to brainstorm the different reasons why public speaking is creating fear for the client. Possibly, the client discovers their fear is based on a personal lack of experience with public speaking. It makes perfect sense, why would the client not be somewhat insecure about tackling something new to them. The Life Coach at this point would facilitate the client towards possible solutions. Possibly the client suggests additional practice in an intimate, safe setting with friends and family first. The client could also decide that joining Toastmasters would be the best choice to gain more experience in public speaking.

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Another common stress area that may be discussed during the coaching conversation is found in the area of health. Much research has been done on how stress effects our health. A client might find themselves after focusing too much on work in poor physical shape. The Life Coach can again explore these issues with their client finding out their concerns and goals. Moving in this direction the client will discover for themselves how physical activity reduces stress and will lead to a happier balanced life. Possibly, moving deeper into the coaching conversation, the client may come up with the idea that enrolling in a martial arts class might help them develop better stress-coping mechanisms. It’s a known fact that physical activity reduces stress and that learning a new skill, such as martial arts, builds self-discipline, willpower and strength of character. However, in the coach/client relationship, it is important to understand that life coaching invites the client to do this discovery and allows the client to articulate it. This dynamic enhances the very self-confidence the client wants for them self. A client may become excited during this realization and may continue the conversation by exploring with their Life Coach the various types of martial arts programs that are available including which ones might be of particular interest to the client. Again, the client will make this discovery and subsequent choice themselves. The Life Coach is trained to skilfully explore the client’s ideas for their journey.

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During life coaching clients complete sessions with a heightened sense of enthusiasm and excitement about pursuing new ideas and will actively pursue them. Once focused on the work of learning a new confidence-building skill, the client will soon discover a change in how they deal with stress on an entirely different level. They will begin to notice what used to induce significant stress in them no longer does. The client will find themselves feeling more confident, more energized. They will have a clearer perspective and more ease in finding resolutions to challenges and problems. This can be significantly reinforced by the feedback of their family and friends as they notice the changes as well.

This new skill set will serve clients well and becomes a point of reference for other challenges the client may encounter. A skilfully guided conversation with a professional Life Coach is what has made it possible for the client to clearly solve their problem by discovering and implementing their solution. There is no greater formula for building self-confidence than creating your own success!

Some excellent articles on stress research can be found on the Huffington Post website.


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