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Understanding Ethics: The Important Ethical Responsibilities of a Coach

Coaching is a booming industry and it’s also an unregulated industry. The problem is, that anyone with any background or ability can call themselves a coach and charge for their services.   Understanding ethics, and the importance of ethics as a coach, is critically important for the entire coaching industry.  Without ethics, the term “coach” could […]

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What is the Best Life Coach Certification?

Life coach training schools are not one-size-fits-all. There are many different life coach schools and certifications to choose from. To find the best life coach certification it is important to do your due diligence and research.   Choosing the best life coach certification for you, means you want to start by having a good understanding of […]

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Why is Coaching Employees Important?

All businesses need to have productive employees. Without a solid productive staff, businesses will fail to create a healthy organization and realize greater profits. Without effective employees, business owners struggle, create stress, and ultimately struggle to keep the business open. The old ways are out. No longer does it work to just use annual reviews in […]

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How Coaching Is Used in Organizations

Often when people first think of coaching, they think about sports coaching. Sports coaching was considered the traditional domain of coaching for many years.   However, for the last 30 years coaching has evolved to demonstrate great benefit for both individuals and organizations. Modern professional coaching is now used by thousands of organizations to increase productivity, […]

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What is the GROW Model for Coaching?

Professional coaching offers many excellent benefits to clients whether working on personal, career, performance, wellness or relationship issues. All professionally trained coaches have various processes or coaching structures to work from.   Without a solid structure, coaching becomes haphazard where the coach ends up guessing or just using their gut on how to work with […]

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Internal Coaching vs External Coaching

When organizations are considering offering coaching they often are confused about the difference between internal coaching and external coaching.  The short definition is Internal Coaching is using an existing employees as coaches while external coaching is hiring coaches outside of your organization.While both can be effective, choosing between internal coaching and external coaching first requires […]

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Mentoring and Coaching: What is the Difference?

Understanding Five Differences between Mentoring and CoachingPeople often speak of Mentoring and Coaching as being the same. To add to this confusion, a person may become a life coach because of a desire to “mentor” others. However, Mentoring and Coaching are quite different and to confuse these terms can produce negative results. For clients to […]

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