April 25

Emotional Coaching Are You a Victim of “The Lie?”


Posted with special permission from the author:
Anne Beaulieu C.E.I.C

The Answers to your Top Emotional Coaching or Emotional Intelligence Coaching Questions.

Where did it start? Discovering the lie.

‘Emotional intelligence’ is not a term often used at the dinner table and emotional coaching is not a specialty many people are aware of yet. When I was a kid, I do not recall my mother ever asking me, ‘Hey, how was your emotional intelligence at school today?’ If she had, I most likely would have looked at her with my mouth open, spinning my mental wheels faster to check if I was in trouble.

Emotional Intelligence

I did not know much about feelings and emotions then, because they were not particularly welcome in my family, sound familiar?

Like most people stuck in survival mode, I had been taught that feelings and emotions were for the ‘weak’. A brain however, now that was something deemed ‘worthy’ in my house. I did not understand then that living in my head would prevent me from feeling worthy of love and compassion.

Why? Because in my head, I believed the lie. I believed there was something wrong with me; I thought I was not good enough. As a result, I did to others what I was doing to myself: I was tall on judgment and short on love.

The lie we are told is your head is your greatest ally for self-love.

It’s not true.  Your heart is your greatest ally. Long-term happiness is an inside job.

It is my belief that emotional intelligence coaching addresses the lie directly. Through emotional intelligence coaching, there is no more denial, no more pretending, no more projections onto others, no more feeling responsible for everyone and everything around you.

Emotional Acceptance

There is also no more taking on feelings and emotions that do not belong to you. Long-term happiness is an inside job. Emotional coaching or emotional intelligence coaching allows you to become genuinely loving and happy.

You may be asking yourself, ‘How do I become more emotionally intelligent?’ How can Emotional Intelligence Coaching help me?

Having emotional intelligence coaching will help you untangle your feelings and emotions from the feelings and emotions of others. You get clear. A specific plan is created. You take proper action. Your coach will hold you responsible for progressing towards your goals.

With an Emotional Coach or Emotional Intelligence Coach, you become accountable on all these four quadrants.

1. Self-awareness. We start loving ourselves for who we are. We understand what we are feeling, where our feelings and emotions come from, and what we need to be genuinely happy.

2. Awareness of others. We stop taking things so personally. We develop compassion.

3. Self-Management. Focused on loving ourselves instead of making others wrong, we develop our self-control and creativity. Life becomes juicier as we let go of stress, worry, and anxiety.

4. Relationship Management. Heart over mind, we develop meaningful, profound relationships. We trust not only others but more importantly ourselves.

Let’s recap what is behind Emotional Coaching or Emotional Intelligence Coaching.

• We were told a lie. In truth, our heart is our greatest ally for self-love.

• Long-term happiness is an inside job.

• It is possible for any of us, young or old, male or female, high IQ or low IQ, to learn and develop Emotional Intelligence in all four quadrants.

• The best time to start any journey isn’t tomorrow; it’s now!

What can you do with what you have learned?

• On a daily basis or even moment by moment, when you are about to make a decision, ask yourself whether or not you are coming from your heart.

• Discover things that make you personally happy.

• Relying on others for your happiness is a dangerous unfulfilling journey.

Another lie is that we can do it alone.

The process for me of gaining clarity on my Emotional Intelligence is an exploration that has brought me untold joy, happiness, and meaning in my life. I could not have accomplished this journey without a dedicated, skilful Emotional Intelligence Coach.

If you’re ready for a change to a life with more joy, juice and happiness, hire an Emotional Intelligence Coach.

​Anne Beaulieu C.E.I.C

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