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Ed Gough Jr. (Dr. Vibe) Certified Empowerment Coach

As a professional Certified Empowerment coach, one of issue clients bring to work on is how to become more influential. Specifically, how does one project their ideas, or beliefs that are then accepted by others?

One of the ways of becoming more influential is projecting confidence. When you exude confidence, people often stand up and pay closer attention. They will more likely see you as someone that has a handle on the situation. This is the key to becoming more influential.

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Confidence is not something that people are born with. Confidence is a combination of knowledge, skill, experience, and attitude. There are some people who seem more naturally confident, but if even if you were to ask them about being confident, they usually will respond with some similar points about how they got there. So the good news is from my experience as a Certified Empowerment coach I know that confidence is something that can be learned and enhanced. It may take rethinking some of your beliefs, but it is very possible.

When working with coaching clients I have found two ways that are helpful in increasing one's confidence and becoming more influential:

The first step towards being confident is to find out as much as you can about the situations you are in. Most of us have heard the saying "Knowledge is power". If you have the knowledge that you need, you will feel more confident and be in a position to answer questions that arise. This will make you an authority in the minds of those that are not as experienced. Not many can argue with you when you have that authority.

Before I became an online show host, I spent many hours doing research on and listening to online shows. I also spent time getting mentorship from other online show hosts. The time that I spent doing these activities has resulted in my show receiving awards, being invited for speaking engagements and even having a business where I coach and mentor people on how to start their own online show.

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The second step is to determine what you want to accomplish. As coaches, we help clients gain clarity on what their desired end results are. From this position of clarity, it is much easier to work back and create a plan. Many people try to wing it and go with the flow or think that the results will come to them naturally. That may work once in a while but it is more effective when you know what you want right from the start.

When you know what you want to accomplish, you can then sketch out a plan that has specific goals and milestones. When you break down the plan into smaller tasks, it becomes even more manageable. This will add to your confidence levels because those smaller tasks will be easier to complete and achieve. It’s also a great feeling each time one of those milestones are met.

When working as an Certified Empowerment coach I want my clients to realize that nothing is set in stone and there is always room for change when you make up your plan. When you know that something isn’t working and have the courage to adjust, it builds your confidence. When you make the decision to change, it shows you that you have the confidence to make the change that is needed. No one can be right 100% of the time. The key is to try not to lack confidence when changing your path. Be confident on why you are changing and make the decision quickly.

It may seem like an odd thing to say but can you become more influential to yourself? If we take something we want to change how can we put ourselves in different scenarios that will influence ourselves?

In my Certified Empowerment coaching practice, I know taking these steps to become more confident works. This increase in confidence will naturally lead to becoming more influential. But, remember that it takes commitment and time. But the rewards are great.

If you are struggling in your life with confidence or want to improve your ability to influence others, try working with a professional Certified Empowerment coach. They have the skills and knowledge that will help you get over your particular hurdles. You can become more influential. You just need to understand the process.

Author: Ed Gough Jr. is a Certified Empowerment Coach and broadcaster with over 1000 shows to his credit. He is referred to as Dr. Vibe from his show “The Dr. Vibe Radio Show.”

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