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13 Types of Life Coaches: Which One Best Fits You?


If you want to become a successful life coach, it is important to understand, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. The most successful life coaches offer coaching in specialty areas also called coaching niches.

There are currently over 100 niches to choose from. However, coaches are creating new niches and markets every day. Some are quite restrictive and need specialized training or expertise such as Wealth Transition coaching (wealthy families selling a business) or Expat coaching (helping those who have moved to get resettled).

But most fit into categories of personal development and empowerment. What is important to understand is that no matter the niche or type of coach all coaches need the flexibility to help clients in these four main areas: 

  • Career/job issues
  • Relationships (family, work)
  • Wellness (health, stress, time management, keeping in shape, etc….)
  • Performance  (better at presentations, writing a book, etc…..)

You see, we humans are not that simple, problems are complex and often overlap. 

Out of 100+ coaching niches, we will show you the 13 types of life coaches that should help you get started. It is critical you discover the specialization that would work best with your skills and passion.

Types of Life Coaches

There are several types of life coaches, each focused on a specific aspect of personal growth. Let’s discover a few of them below:

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Personal Development Coaches

This is a broad-based niche that helps clients achieve goals in both their personal and professional lives.   The name is a bit misleading because actually all coaching no matter the niche is based on personal development coaching. However, some clients are attracted by the specific title. 

Their clients come from a variety of backgrounds; these include professionals who want to grow in their careers, individuals who want to strengthen their relationships, and people who just want to be happy and fulfilled.

Personal development coaches assist their clients in overcoming obstacles, fostering self-awareness, and bringing about positive change in their lives. They also provide tools for self-discovery, accountability, and encouragement.

Health Coaches and Wellness Coaches

Health and wellness coaching helps clients reach their health objectives and encourages holistic welfare.

Health and wellness coaches can provide individualized support to those who wish to manage their stress, change their nutrition, increase their physical activity, or conquer personal obstacles.Often a big component of this is time management coaching. 

Recovery Coaches

Recovery coaching facilitates the break from addiction, the change to a healthier habit, and the reconstruction of lives.

As their clients go through different phases of recovery from addiction or other life challenges, recovery coaches offer advice. The majority of clients for this coaching niche are battling addictions to drugs, alcohol, gambling, or other psychoactive drugs.

To help their clients create coping mechanisms and set and accomplish recovery goals, recovery coaches are kind and sympathetic to them and provide information about community services, treatment, or support groups.

Transformational Coaches

Individuals seeking to transform their personal, professional, and interpersonal connections are the focus of transformational coaching. 

Their clients frequently want to learn more about themselves because they feel trapped or unsatisfied with their present situation and transformational coaches help their clients by examining and modifying their behavior.

Again, I would say that all coaching has elements of personal transformation.  Those who like this title will be attracted and hire Transformational Coaches.

Business Coaches

Best to divide this into two groups:

  1. Entrepreneur / Startup Coaches: They often focus on those wanting to leave the workforce and start a small business on their own.  It could really be anything from selling crafts, food items, online courses, clothing, etc.. 
  2. Larger business Coaching: The primary goal of these types of business coaches is to help firms and groups achieve their goals and reach their full potential. Their primary clients consist of small or large businesses. This can involve working with corporate executives seeking leadership development, and teams trying to increase productivity and collaboration. Business coaches assist in defining goals, implementing plans for strategy, and proficiently conveying information.

These niches also can provide very specific types of coaches:

  • Restaurant coaches
  • Real Estate coaches
  • MLM CoachesNon
  • Profit Coaches

Executive Coaches

Executive coaching helps managers and executives improve their leadership skills and meet company goals.

Executive coaches give support to CEOs, managers, and other leaders by helping in developing their strategic mental talents. They take advantage of organizational skills and concentrate on specific areas for growth.

Career Coaches

Clients who undergo career coaching can define and accomplish goals related to their careers, such as moving up in their current field, changing careers, or considering different possibilities.

Career coaches deal with individuals who wish to change jobs, professionals from other industries, and recent graduates looking for work. Career coaches give support by discovering one's abilities and helping them get over obstacles to accomplish their goals.

Christian Life Coaches

Christian life coaching provides spiritual direction and support to individuals pursuing personal and spiritual development.

People looking to improve their personal decisions and goals with Christian values and teachings can benefit from this coaching niche. Christian life coaches allow their clients to develop their faith, understand God's purpose for their lives, and integrate spirituality into their daily decisions. Numerous aspects of a client's life, including their career, interpersonal connections, spiritual development, and self-improvement, are frequently improved.

Women's Empowerment Coaches

This is a very strong niche supporting women to take charge of their lives. It often involves aspects of personal development coaching, relationship coaching, and career/job coaching.   In addition to wellness coaching and dealing with stress and low self-esteem issues. 

Relationship Coaches

People may improve their interpersonal connections, overcome obstacles, and hone their communication abilities through relationship coaching.

Individuals seeking to improve their relationships—whether they are married, in a partnership, or in another setting—and who want to fortify their bonds might benefit from the services of relationship coaches. Companies hire relationship coaches to help build better teams and help management be more effective. 

Spiritual Coaches

Spiritual coaching helps individuals connect with their inner selves, explore their spiritual views, and discover meaning and purpose in life.

Clients seeking guidance and direction or experiencing spiritual obstacles are helped by spiritual coaches. Spiritual coaches give support by cultivating mindfulness, living by their spiritual principles, and establishing a connection with inner knowledge.

Financial coaches

Financial coaching helps customers achieve their long-term financial security objectives, manage their money wisely, and make sound financial investments.

Budgeting, debt management, saving, and making plans for significant life decisions like home ownership or having a child can all be supported by a financial coach. Financial coaches give support by money-related limiting beliefs and behaviors, including excessive spending, and providing a clearer picture of one's financial condition.

Self-discovery coaches

Self-discovery coaching is focused on helping you find your true self and live authentically.

Those who feel disoriented or unclear about their identity, direction, or ambitions are most helped by these kinds of life coaches in discovering a clear sense of self and purpose in life. Self-discovery coaches give support by encouraging self-awareness and facilitating the identification of development areas.

This is also a very broad niche that other coaches work on as part of the services that offer. Often self-discovery work is needed in relationship coaching, career coaching, etc…. 

Become a Life Coach With The Coach Training Academy

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There is always something for everybody who wants to start their journey in life coaching. Whether you excel at advising on business, health and wellness, finance, career, or any other topic, there is a dedicated coaching path for you.

You've most likely identified what works best for you and your goals after exploring several types of life coaching in this guide. Finding the appropriate coach means deciding what feels best and helps you grow.

With the right support, you'll be ready and equipped to begin your coaching journey and live a more rewarding life. So begin your coaching journey and prepare to become a successful life coach!

FAQs About Types of Life Coaches

How can I become a life coach?

If you want to become a life coach, it is smart to stick to schools that are accredited by the International Coach Federation(ICF) look for certified coaching programs that offer the foundations and ethics of coaching. You should get hands-on experience through coaching or voluntary work. Then, once qualified, explore a niche in which you are extremely passionate about.

Can I specialize in multiple types of life coaching?

Yes. Most life coaches specialize in multiple types of life coaching to serve their clients better.However, here is a warning.  You need to carefully craft your offering and not confuse people. .  If someone was searching for a  time management coach and a website said: Time Management coaching, Relationship Coaching, Recovery Coaching, Teen Coaching, Retirement Coaching you can understand how confusing that would be.   

Which types of life coaches are most in demand?

It commonly depends on each client's needs and general trends. However, life coaches in the professional, health and wellness, and relationship areas are in high demand.  Weight Loss coaches and ADHD coaches are also very strong niches. A strong coaching niche is one where people are in emotional pain and really need help. 


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