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How to Get a Life Coach Certification?


In this article, we will go through the different aspects of how to get a life coach certification, plus review a few benefits of getting into this career path. 

Coaching is often referred to as the ultimate career as it is extremely rewarding. You make a huge difference in the quality of others' lives while controlling your destiny and having clients who adore you. You will be inspired as well as inspiring, plus, experience substantial growth personally while helping your clients grow. 

Overview of Life Coaching

Yes,  becoming a life coach can do so much for yourself and those around you. If you are somebody who wants to make a difference in somebody else's life, then it's a no-brainer. Very few opportunities exist that pay such dividends.  

What Life Coaching Can Really Do 

Coaching is an art that revolves around helping individuals or even sometimes groups. You will support them with gaining clarity of purpose, and life values plus identifying and achieving their goals. The result is unlocking their full, unadulterated potential. One example is when you help a client align their career with their purpose, you create a rewarding path that transcends the usual mundane job role. You become their champion that provides support on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

Guiding People To Success

A life coach plays an extremely pivotal role when it comes to empowering both teams and individuals. Professional coaches guide, motivate, and help clients build strategic plans in order to reach desired outcomes and overcome challenges. 

Everyone, even wildly successful people, have challenges.  The sad part is when people give up, not realizing they are often blind to different choices. This is the job of the coach, to provide new colored glasses to our clients, helping them see opportunities even in adversity. 

How You Add Meaning to People’s Lives

It's often not just about imparting skills and wisdom to our clients. . It's also a case of adding profound meaning to their lives. When you become a life coach, you will go through all kinds of meaningful interactions and sessions. You will guide them towards a more purpose for existence and make their time invested in development truly valuable.

The Career You Create

Embarking on this journey it's obviously a case of helping others, but it's also a transformative process for you. You will enhance your communication skills as well as your leadership and interpersonal abilities. you become a more valuable asset in so many different ways. These skills can have a significant ripple effect on your own career trajectory.

Of the thousands of graduates from our program, the most often comment is how they have grown personally from our program. Learning coaching skills not only helps careers and relationships but builds a strong, confident foundation to build a life on. 

The Rewards Of Coaching 

This kind of vocation has a profound impact on your personal development. Learning new skills will inevitably lead to self-discovery and personal growth. You'll be guiding all kinds of people on different journeys but you will also be on a path of self-improvement. You get the full and holistic approach to something extremely special. 

Take Control of Your Own Time

Becoming a life coach means that you will take control of your time and contribute in a way that aligns with your values. You will have the autonomy to do what you wish in a field of personal development while maintaining flexibility. 

Broadening Your Own Perspective on Life 

During this time, you are introduced to a diverse set of perspectives and so many unique life stories. When you work together with clients from different backgrounds, you expand your understanding of the world and the overall human experience. You gather deeper empathy and appreciation for the uniqueness of each individual. 

How To Get Certified

Now, to get to the reason for this article. Of course, if you have the ability to change people's lives, a piece of paper confirming this might not seem important. Certification is more than just confirmation. Certification demonstrates you have at least invested some time into learning professional coaching skills.  Also, for those who are looking for jobs as coaches, many organizations now require certification sometimes specifically ICF, International Coach Federation certification.  

Types of Certifications Research Accredited Programs

If you want to succeed in your journey to becoming a certified life coach, you have to explore the right programs. you must look for institutions or organizations with the right reputation. 

The accreditation they have shows how much quality they possess and it will ensure that the program maintains industry standards. You have to take certain factors into account such as faculty expertise, success stories, and the overall program structure.

In the world of coaching there are three basic types of certification.

1) Read a book, take a $10 class.   Certainly not a bad first step and a way to dip your toe into the water.  These provide some good information but are close to useless to gain high level skills and confidence. 

2) Secondary schools or coaching associations.   These range from adequate to excellent.  The problem is how are you supposed to know or even do your due diligence.  With all the marketing hype it is very confusing and stressful. 

3) International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited schools.   These are schools that have spent time and money allowing an independent professional organization to review their curriculum to ensure they offer professional coach training.   You are guaranteed top-quality professional training by taking any ICF-accredited program.  It is also a credential recognized worldwide. 

While ICF schools can be expensive, very few like ours offer scholarships (see below) which can greatly reduce the cost. 

Choose Your Specialty 

The idea of having a broad range is wonderful, but it's good to have a specific and unique specialty. There really is a broad spectrum of specializations, so there's plenty to pick from. Identify your specific area and opt for a certification program that offers a comprehensive curriculum. 

Meet The Requirements And Prerequisites 

Different programs have different requirements. These may include educational qualifications or relevant work experience. 

Do not rush this process and ensure you have the requirements necessary for the particular program you have picked out. This will minimize delays and allow you to focus on the learning experience ahead of you. 

Complete Each Training Stage 

During the training process, you will typically be put through several designated training hours. These sessions May include a blend of virtual classes, workshops, and in-person classes. All top schools require a certain amount of mentor sessions with a professional coach listening to your coaching and offering feedback. If a school does not include this, walk away. 

The more you dedicate yourself to this training process and actively participate in discussions and asking questions the greater skill development you will graduate with.  

Gather Practical Experience 

You will not learn anything significant without practical experience. This is the case for pretty much every walk of life - and especially so when it comes to life coaching. You have to ensure that you choose a program that integrates a supervised practicum or Internship. 

This kind of thing will allow you to apply theoretical knowledge to a practical situation and a supportive environment. Gaining practical experience during the learning phase will solidify your understanding while preparing you for the diverse challenges that are ahead. 

Continue Learning 

The world of Life coaching is constantly evolving. You'll have to make sure that you are staying at the forefront of different trends and practices. Most respected certification programs mandate ongoing professional development. 

When you commit to lifelong learning in this way, you are ensuring the maintenance of your certification status while cultivating a mindset of continuous improvement.

We Can Help You Become a Successful Life Coach

If you’d like to take an accredited life coach course, visit these coach training programs, and sign up. 

View our coach training program scholarships here.

FAQs in Relation to How to Get a Life Coach Certification

Can I Become A Life Coach Without Being Certified?

Certification is not a legal requirement, but it will add ample credibility and ensure that you possess the right kinds of skills. Clients will prefer those who are certified. New jobs for coaches are appearing daily and most of them require ICF certification. 

How Long Will The Process Take?

The process can vary depending on how seriously you take it. It can range from a few months to a year as you have to take into account your specialization and the structure of learning. 

Is An Online Certification Just As Valid?

Virtual learning is pretty much the norm these days.  However, courses where you simply watch videos and read lessons are almost useless for real skill building.  Many reputable organizations will offer virtual programs online as well as in-person training. As long as the program is accredited and provides sufficient opportunities, you can be confident in choosing that organization. 

Can I Specialize In Multiple Areas Or Do I Only Stick To One?

This is a great question as to be a successful coach you do need to specialize for marketing purposes, but also be able to coach in several areas.   Clients hire coaches in four broad areas: Career / Job IssuesRelationships  - Personal, Family, Jobs

Wellness - Stress, time management, health issues, weight loss, self esteem

Performance - Better presenter, SpeakerSkilled professional coaches must be able to handle all of these areas.  Example. You are a  Career Transition Coach.  Your client desperately wants a more rewarding job but their spouse is against it as your client provides the financial base for the family.   Well now your job is to be a relationship coach.  If not, this client will never reach their goal. Once that is resolved you can the go back to the career transition discussion. 


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