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Empowerment Coaching Training – Getting Your Power Back!


Understanding the Life Coach Specialty Niche Empowerment Coaching

Life is full of twists and turns that we don’t always see coming. Life at times can also be so predictable, and monotonous with basically the same routine, day after day. The results with both of these scenarios can lead to us feeling like our personal power has been taken away, or drained out of us. Depending on the intensity, these situations can even knock us down, leaving us struggling to get back up.

Empowerment coaching, Empowerment coach, Womens Empowerment Coach

This is where the helping hand of empowerment coaching, also referred to as leadership coaching or personal empowerment coaching, can be extremely beneficial. While all of us have a natural instinct to progress, improve and accomplish more; the person who has faced a serious setback, or gotten complacent, can find it difficult to know how or where to even start.

What is Personal Empowerment Coaching?

Empowerment coaching is a personal relationship between a coach and client that explores different areas in one’s life i.e. your relationships, personal health, spirituality, and business or professional life. For one to achieve balance, and find your inner strength, it is important to take this extra time to consider what you want and what will bring you deep satisfaction.

Our empowerment Coach Academy process

Empowerment coaching focuses on where you are presently, and where you want to be in the future. Then strategize to fill the gap. Many people these days are running on auto pilot. Putting out fires as they appear and not taking time to slow down, to stop or assess critical areas in their life. This will cause a personal power drain, feelings of not having control and powerlessness. What empowerment coaching  certification does, is help clients see things from a different perspective. From this new perspective possibilities and choices appear.

Empowerment coaching, Empowerment coach, Womens Empowerment Coach

We all know the phrase to “think outside the box,” and while this is a meaningful expression, it does not help when you are stuck inside the box. Empowerment coach training is all about gaining that outside the box perspective. An Empowerment coach helps a client see new possibilities or opportunities so you can achieve those things that have greater value and significance. This explains how one gets “outside the box” and reclaims their personal power.

When we are stuck, feeling fear, guilt, shame or anger it often equates to how we show up in our life with ourselves and in our relationship with others. While it can be sunny outside, the inside of us can be cloudy and rainy. An empowerment coaching program improves our outlook, relationships with ourselves and others and can lead us to identify ways or opportunities not yet identified.

For example, empowerment coaching helps shift you from a stuck state to a state of seeing choices. Having choices is certainly a more empowering place to be. They allow us to take our power back and make life decisions based on our higher values, not out of fear.

Let’s explore an essential empowerment life coaching strategies:

Step One:

The coach asks, “Where are you now”?

Self-awareness of where you are at and knowing what you want is one of the most important steps. Why is change necessary to you? What will you get from change? What makes this the right time for a change?

Step Two:

Where do I want to go next? What is my vision? Exploring where you’re at, and what you want, allowing us an easier time in creating a vision for ourselves.

Empowerment coaching, Empowerment coach, Womens Empowerment Coach

You may be familiar with the saying “If you don’t know where you are going any road will do”. It is not sufficient to know what you do not want. A professional empowerment coach will always work with a client to find out What it is that You DO Want.

Step Three:

What needs to change to get there? Explore or identify self-limiting beliefs and challenging them. Are they true? Always? Any exceptions? If they are true, what choices do you now have?

Step Four:

What is my next step toward achieving this goal or new mindset? What is the process? The Professional Empowerment Coach helps the client build the correct process to achieve their vision. Achievement is created by following a process. If you want to bake a cake, you need certain ingredients and to follow a certain process. If you want a new career, better relationships, a new body, etc. you also need those right ingredients and the appropriate process.

Once the process is explored and the various issues clarified Empowerment coaching then looks at laying out the steps and setting a starting point. By clearly setting your goals, intentions, and process, your motivation increases as you take on this self-empowerment path.

Become an Empowerment Life Coach

Empowerment coaching not only builds your emotional state and motivation back, but your personal power. When a person approaches their life from a place of personal inner strength, you are much more resourceful in taking control of stressful situations in your life.

You are no longer helpless, being at the effect of the world, but living life connected to your values and courageously facing each day.

Empowerment coaching is a very rewarding coaching specialty niche, for the coach ready for the challenge. There is nothing more uplifting then to help people blossom into their greatness.

Empowerment coaching, Empowerment coach, Womens Empowerment Coach

Additional Notes:

Empowerment Coach Certification is available from TheCoachTrainingAcademy.com and is a much in-demand life coach niche certification, sometimes referred to empowerment life coaching or leadership coaching. An Empowerment Coach has the flexibility to enter other life coach specialties including; empowerment coaching for women, empowerment coaching for men, empowerment coaching for teens plus many other sub-specialties.


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