Success Coach: Do You Have What it Takes For This Coach Specialty?

The Success Coach: The Secret Ingredient for Success!

Success Coaching is a distinct niche within life coaching where the success coach uses an interactive and collaborative approach to enhancing the achievements of individuals. Success Coaching is also often broken down into sub niches such as Financial Success Coach, Academic or Student Success Coach, Business Success Coach, Career Success Coach, and many other specialties.

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The world is changing with more resources available for people to achieve goals in every area of their life. A professional success coach is one of those great resources that most people don’t have much knowledge. It’s like the secret ingredient that is about to be exposed.

A Success Coach starts by exploring with a client what success is to them. While this might seem obvious, it can be quite surprising how people represent success to themselves. One of the pitfalls of the novice coach is to assume they know what the client wants, or they understand what they mean.

If we consider some fundamental teachings from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), one of the primary areas to know about a client is their major representational systems. How do they represent success internally? To achieve this, one important question in coaching for success is to ask; “What would you need to see, hear or feel to know you achieved success? For example, one person could say I would be looking outside my penthouse apartment at a view of the city, another could say I would be standing on stage hearing everyone applaud me and another; I would feel a deep sense of satisfaction. This is an example of a VAK (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic) representational question.

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With this understanding, a Success Coach is starting to develop a much clearer picture of what the client wants and what it could take for the client to achieve success. What is equally important, is it tells the Success Coach what the client’s expectations are. For the Success coaching relationship to work, both the coach and client must be comfortable and feel secure this expectation is achievable. If not, the Success Coach must either withdraw from the coaching arrangement or discuss with the client further to see if a possible vision can be found that the coach can support.

A Professional Success coach has a wealth of knowledge and skills that give them an edge in producing results with their clients. Most are certified life coaches, experts in the success coaching model and often experienced in other modalities. This gives them a large tool box to handle all kinds of personalities. Top Success Coaches never stop learning or self-evaluating. This is how a professional coach stays at the top of their game, so they can help clients reach the level of success they desire.

One area critical to success that success Coaches evaluate is the client's environment. When people surround themselves with successful people, they tend to become successful themselves. For example, a real estate agent wanting to achieve membership in the Million Dollar Club will want and need to be around those that already have that kind of success. Hiding out in some lower level real estate firm with other agents comfortable with just getting by, will not provide the motivation, energy or drive for the Success Coaches client to reach their goals.

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One would rarely say working with a Professional Success Coach is easy. There are often times when the coach will challenge their client to push their comfort zone and step into some fearful situations. This is what success and achievement are all about, making a conscious decision to take the road less traveled. In fact, the larger the goal or level of success the client wants the more challenge to the coach to match them in the ferocity of achievement.

After exploring the more major goal or picture of success, the Success Coach works with the client to develop the process required for success. What is needed to get from point A, where the client is now, to point B where the client wants to go?

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The next step in the Success coaching model is where the work begins, and the client starts taking action. In coaching for success, all achievement follows a process and plan. Here, the success coach may often use what is known as the SMART Goal Setting Framework.

S – Set a specific goal

M – Make sure the goal is measurable

A – Goal must be attainable

R – Realistic and relevant goals are more achievable

T – Timely goals have a set date attached to them

Having a Success Coach has become more of a necessity than an option for many people. In our society with so many personal responsibilities and distractions, to reach the higher levels of achievement requires a team. A career as a Success Coach takes dedication and a love of challenge. Your clients will be paying you to believe in them and challenge them towards this achievement.

If Success Coaching fits your idea of success, start with a solid ICF (International Coach Federation) coach training certification and then possibly a specialty success coaching certification.

Coaching is not a job, it's a passion! Join us!

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