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Do You Want to Be A Spirit Life Coach?


3 Ways a Spirit Life Coach Helps Clients

One of the more popular and successful coaching specialties, is Spiritual Life Coaching. A Spirit Life Coach provides an intimate way of improving oneself using a client’s connection to their god, higher power or universal energies (Law of Attraction).

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A Spirit Life Coach is dedicated to helping clients deepen their relationship with this power greater than themselves and use it to achieve success.

While becoming a Spirit Life Coach involves some specialized knowledge and training. The following are a few of the basic steps used in the Spiritual Life Coach Process:

1. The Spiritual Life coach starts by exploring and gaining clarity on your life’s purpose, values, and future vision.

As many of us have experienced, often it can be confusing and frustrating figuring out what we are meant to do with our lives. What would bring you that life of joy, happiness, and connection? You may have a sense of what it could be, but frustratingly often, it seems elusive. So how do you find it, that career, relationship or... that something that brings greater meaning to your life and fills you with purpose and direction?

A Spiritual Life coach can be considered an expert in exploration. So unlike Christopher Columbus, who explored the world looking for new lands, the Spirit Life Coach explores your thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and emotions to uncover what you really want, and what has to happen to get you there.

spiritual life coach training, spirit life coach, spiritual coach

Us human beings are complex. It is easy to become confused listening to all the different thoughts and signals we process. A Spiritual Life Coach offers to take a step back, and then free from the possible confines you put on yourself, explore other opportunities that you may have dismissed in the past.

A Spiritual Life Coach guides you through this discovery process to bring absolute clarity to what you truly desire. It is unlocking those passions that will have lasting impact on your life and possibly the lives of others.

2. Next, with your Spiritual Life Coach, you co-create a plan on how to reach your goal(s).

Armed with vision and goal(s) you are ready to map out a solid plan of action. What makes your Spirit Life Coach different than most life coaches, is their ability to help develop your plan using the spiritual laws of the Universe often referred to as The Law of Attraction.

spiritual life coach training, spirit life coach, spiritual coach

Some people experience success even in seemingly unattainable goals with minimal or little struggle. And then there are those who toil for years without reaching their goal. Why is that?

Of course, the easy answer would be they did not try or work hard enough. However often it can be something else. Often the difference lies in the universal energy forces. Those who remain unable to achieve their goals are simply those who disregard these laws, or inadvertently use them to their detriment.

One of the most important concepts of The Law of Attraction is having both absolute clarity on the outcome, plus absolute clarity on the process.

The role of a Spirit Life Coach is to guide you in these invisible laws, and then show you how to make them work in your favor.

3. The third basic step the Spiritual Life Coach suggests is to explore what if any obstacles are holding you back.

Understand all human beings desire to live fulfilling lives and positively affect those we encounter. However, it can be difficult to venture into unfamiliar territory, and let go of things that are comfortable and safe.

Your old fears and habits can hold you back from reaching your goals. Could you be covertly sabotaging yourself because of fear? Maybe a fear that has had a grip on you for many years? You may be all charged up and ready to go, but if you are unable to release the brake it will be hard to get anywhere.

A Spirit Life Coach is extremely aware that in today’s society, it can be easy to encounter things that distract and lead us away from our goals. Sometimes these things are real, and we need to accept responsibility for them, however often distractions are only excuses or rules we place on ourselves that have no real substance.

In the end, these distractions cause us to doubt our abilities, drain us of energy, time, and resources, and will cause progress to stagnant.

spiritual life coach training, spirit life coach, spiritual coach

Your Spiritual Life Coach has the expertise to work through these issues. Their role is to aid and challenge you in first identifying obstacles and then coming up with unique and often creative solutions.

The specialty coach niche, Spirit Life Coaching has become a very successful and rewarding niche for those that are open and excited about this path.

To find out more about this type of coaching and how to get the needed specialized training click here to learn about the Master Spirit Life Coach program.


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