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Wellness Coaching – Experts in Eustress

How Eustress is understood in Wellness Coaching If the title of this article got you a bit curious, you are not alone. The word Eustress (pronounced (you-stress) is not a very familiar term to most. However, the term Eustress is very familiar to those in the Wellness Coaching specialty. In Wellness coaching, the coach works […]

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Do You Want to Be A Spirit Life Coach?

3 Ways a Spirit Life Coach Helps ClientsOne of the more popular and successful coaching specialties, is Spiritual Life Coaching. A Spirit Life Coach provides an intimate way of improving oneself using a client’s connection to their god, higher power or universal energies (Law of Attraction). A Spirit Life Coach is dedicated to helping clients […]

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The Career Coach – Supporting Clients On Their Journey

7 Essential skills a Career Coach needs to help their clients.One of the many specializations or niches Life Coaches choose is that of a Career Coach. A Career coach focuses on helping clients navigate through all the different aspects of their careers, such as personal issues, researching careers or employment opportunities, qualifications, applications and the […]

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