March 18

6 Ways Coaching Can Activate Your Goal Achievement


Written by; Juli Geske-Peer​
​Certified Professional Coach and Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach

​Graduate of The Coach Training Academy

                   The ​Traditional Goal Achievement Path

Goal Achievement

I see it happen with many coaching clients. They want to aim for the moon before their rocket ship is even built. While it’s great to have lofty goals, you’re not likely to achieve them unless you have some basic elements in place. That’s why so many people make a resolution on the first of January…and watch it spiral into failure by February.

​​​​Goal Achievement takes more than excitement and good intentions to land your goals. It takes a plan, an accountability partner, and a whole lot of self-awareness. Whether you’re aiming to earn that promotion, write a book, improve relationships, boost personal wellness, or any number of personal or professional goals, a career coach can help you achieve them.

How can a professional coach help you with goal achievement this year? A coach can…

  • Help you leverage your strengths

Those who are successful at routinely achieving their goals usually play to their strengths. If, for instance, you’re detail-oriented, you might be better at reaching your objectives if you look over a daily report of your progress. If you’re writing a book, your word count could be your measuring stick; if you’re trying to get in shape, it could mean paying attention to your BMI.

A coach will help identify your strengths, whatever they may be, and create an action plan around them. If you’re thinking, “I already know my strengths,” you may be surprised by what an experienced coach may unearth.

  • Identify barriers

Just as a coach can guide you on ways to capitalize on your strengths, so too can she help you overcome weak spots. Everyone has certain areas that are not as strong as others. Maybe you’re good at picturing the end result, but not great at strategizing how to get there. Or, maybe you know what you need to do, but have trouble motivating yourself. Whatever the case may be, a coach can utilize tools to uncover potential barriers and develop a plan to work around them.

  • Personalize a strategy

Once your areas of strength and potential barriers are identified, a coach can help you put together your personalized goal achievement plan. This strategy will likely include short-term and long-term goals, a timeline, and ways to measure progress.

  • Motivate you (and help you focus)

We are all motivated in different ways. A coach can pinpoint what energizes you and then lean on those motivators. Are you competitive? Driven by goals? Propelled by the desire to not let others down? Your strategic plan will benefit from the inclusion of specific motivators.

  • Offer expertise

Your coach has likely worked with many other people on goal achievement and strategic planning. Trust their expertise. They have a deep understanding of human tendencies and know what makes people tick. They have heard and offered many options through countless brainstorming sessions and, as they are surfaced, you’ll know the right options for you.

Furthermore, your coach may have specific knowledge about your goal. For instance, if you are looking to improve your leadership, an executive coach will be an invaluable resource. Or, if you are hoping to improve interpersonal relationships, a coach specializing in communications could offer you the assistance you need.

  • Act as an accountability partner

There’s nothing like a little peer pressure to help you achieve your goals! As soon as you tell someone what you wish to accomplish, you’re adding an extra layer of accountability. With a hired coach, the accountability factor multiplies, as you’ll likely be meeting with your coach on a regular basis and discussing your progress. As an accountability partner, your coach isn’t trying to bully you into achieving your objectives. Rather, they are helping you chart your course and recalculate your route if you get off track.

This is your year! It’s time to stop simply saying you’ll achieve your goals and start taking concrete actions that will get you to where you want to go. With a strategic plan in place, you can not only shoot for the moon, but also make the landing.

Professional Coach

Juli Geske-Peer is a Certified Professional Coach and  founded Peer Performance Solutions (PPS) in 2014, after 20 years’ working for others as a leader and consultant. PPS offers a unique blend of services that help to maximize strategic, leadership (including personal leadership in any role), and operational success. ​As the company’s principal consultant, coach and trainer, Juli’s aim is to enhance and maximize on strengths already in place, whether working with an individual, a team, a division, or an entire organization.


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