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Weight Loss Coaching – A High Demand Coaching Niche


A brief overview of Weight Loss Coaching.

weight loss coaching

Of all the different Life Coaching niches coaches focus their business around; Weight Loss Coaching is one of the most in demand. Obesity has become such an epidemic in our society that Weight Loss Coaching is a method sought out by people trying to create a healthier lifestyle.

Weight loss coaching is not about being a prescriber, like a nutritionist. Good coaches do not tell their client what to do. They are going to explore with their client's reasonable goals as well as challenges the client may face. Then, during the weight loss coaching process the coach and client will co-create the best approach for the client.

One of the first challenges in Weight loss coaching often centers around the subject of time. Our society is is generally impatient. We want and often demand instant gratification. However, when it comes to quick weight loss, this approach might result in immediate success, but will almost always be followed by major setbacks.

A New Weight Loss Coaching Relationship Takes Time To Produce Results:


Habits can be difficult to break. If a weight loss coaching client has patterns that limit their ability to enjoy life or to achieve success, the only way for them to improve their circumstances is to replace current bad habits with new and better ones. The coach will want to remind their client that patience is needed during the journey from old, unhealthy habits to committing to new and healthier ones. The coach supports and encourages their client by reminding their client of how far they have come in a short period and how each step forward towards a new, healthier goal is a successful one.


Weight Loss coaches support their clients with the understanding that if it were quick and easy to lose weight and develop a healthy lifestyle, everyone would be successful at it. The coach will remind their client that to achieve success in any area of life, they must be ready to commit to the time and effort that is required. For successful Weight Loss coaching, the coach often helps their client visualize that they are engaged in personal development and that this process takes time. Eventually, through the ongoing coaching conversation, the client will come to discover that the process of self-development is a life long journey and can be seen as an exciting adventure!

Weight Loss


Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a psychological theory proposed by Abraham Maslow in 1943 which outlines human motivation. In Weight Loss Coaching it can be helpful if the client understands this hierarchy and develops an understanding about what motivates them to engage in different behaviors. Knowledge is power. If a client comes to know why they use food for reasons other than to provide needed body fuel, the client may experience a breakthrough in understanding his or her behavior. This understanding could just be the knowledge that provides the client with the power to change. Moreover, the CLIENT discovered a piece of the problem themselves. In so doing, they empowered themselves to move even closer to their goal of replacing bad eating habits with healthier ones. So in the Weight Loss coaching session, the coach merely guides the client’s journey through self-discovery.


Overcoming fear is generally a process of reframing doubts and self-perceived limitations. In weight loss coaching we guide clients by way of the coaching structure through the journey of self-discovery noting critical behaviors in which the client engages. The experienced weight loss coach allows the client to define and articulate their thoughts, feelings, observations, etc. from a place of complete non-judgment. So in Weight loss coaching the coach acts as the guide. Without the exploration, the client will not experience the benefits of self-discovery. Indeed, it IS all about the journey.

weight loss coach


The sad truth is statistics show less than 5% of people manage to keep weight off for even five years. Real change doesn’t happen in a day but over a period of time. The experienced weight loss coach will remind their client of this fact. In Weight Loss coaching the coach will encourage their client to remember that change is a journey that requires consistency, commitment and the repeating of new, healthy lifestyle choices to achieve sustainable results. For Weight Loss Coaching the motto truly is; “slow and steady wins the race”. Clients may even choose to keep a symbol of the tortoise nearby to support them in their new, exciting journey towards a healthier way of living. And, of course, their weight loss coach will be with them to encourage and support them every step of the way.

If you are passionate about health and helping people develop healthy lifestyle goals then considering Weight Loss coaching as your niche can be an excellent choice.


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