June 28

Do you have the WWTT disease?


Free Informative Webinar on the biggest killer of
peoples dreams and goals!
The webinar will be roughly 1 hour, on Tuesday, June 28 at 3 pm EST
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Do you have the WWTT disease? [What Will They Think]

Victoria Hargis Leadership Coach

Are you:
>>Obsessing about what people think about your services or offers?

>>Constantly comparing yourself to others?

>>Worried you won't get clients or make enough to pay the bills?

>>Feeling anxious about sales and social media?

>>Are you feeling shame for not having the business you want?

>>Thinking that if you get a client and won't be able to help them?

I'm hosting a webinar to teach you the the 4 elements that you must do in order to break through the WWTT barrier - and how it impacts your business, your relationships, your confidence and your ability to make money.

All day, every day, I help women understand and change their thought patterns so they can get what they're after. This is one of my zones of genius. 🙂 You see when you get connected the sky is the limit. You effortlessly become a Renaissance Woman--great at multiple things.

This program will be live so you can get your questions answered and includes a workbook.

I'll cover:

- Identifying your major beliefs and how they help and hinder you.

- What the thought/emotion connection is and how that affects your bottom line.

- How to do a massive reboot when your brain just will not shut off.

- What the latest brain research says about how your emotions are impacting your reality.

- How to rewire your brain for success.

- Specific, step-by-step instructions to change your thoughts/emotions and get what you want.

To be clear, this is the stuff the top coaches and neuroscientists in the world study and help their clients learn.

This is what I spent over $50k and 5 years of my life learning. And it was money well spent!

The webinar will be roughly 1 hour, on Tuesday, June 28 at 3 pm EST but I’ll stay to answer any questions you have.

It will be recorded if you can't make it live [but you need to register to get the recording].

Want a seat?      https://www.victoriahargis.com/



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