The Coach Training Academy Financial Assistance Program

The Coach Training Academy “LIVE” Certified LIFE Coach program holds accredited learning-hours through the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Our advisory is currently accepting applications for 1 – 2 Scholarship Seats coming available for our next session.

*Submissions to be received by TBA

Thank you for your interest in The Coach Training Academy’s accredited program.  We appreciate your request for information on our Scholarship Program. Scholarship awards are limited to a predetermined number of scholarship seats and these do not become available until current scholarship students graduate from the program.

The Coach Training Academy established its ‘Scholarship Program’ to provide potential students who, for whatever reason, have limited financial resources to take part in either of our life coaching training programs. Scholarships are provided to individuals with limited financial resources to reduce the total amount of overall tuition for the selected program as well as the monthly tuition payment.

Scholarships are considered ‘gifts’ and not a loan, and therefore none of the scholarship funding awarded to you requires repayment.

Since our inception we have always offered scholarship seats to our program as our way of giving back to community. With several thousand graduates and an average  student-body of between 60-110 students, we are  one of the foremost providers of ICF approved certification trainings in North America.  We strive to reserve a limited number of seats for scholarship. When a student holding a scholarship seat graduates from the program, the scholarship seat becomes available once again. Scholarship students moving through the program receive the same training, assistance and support that all members of our student-body receive. Scholarship awards are held in confidence, only the administration and student being awarded the scholarship are aware of the agreement.

Scholarship requirements may change without notice. Scholarship applications may not be combined with any other offer

Frequency of Submissions: (When to apply.)

Calls for Scholarship submissions are made as seating becomes available. Should you apply for a scholarship seat before a call for submissions is made, you will immediately be considered for the next available seat. All individuals who apply for scholarship information will receive occasional email updates to keep you informed of new scholarship seating opportunities. Any submitter who does not receive or accept a scholarship seat in any current round of seating may apply again or simply request in your submission that you would like us to hold your submission for continued review. If you do not wish to continue to receive email updates regarding available scholarship seating, please use the “unsubscribe” link found at the bottom of the emails to ensure that you will no longer receive the updates.

Process of Awarding Scholarships:

Any potential student who does not have the necessary financial resources to enter The Coach Training Academy program of choice may apply for a Scholarship award. Your application will be reviewed by the Scholarship Standing Committee. Awards are based on several criteria including: financial need, commitment to completing the program, work history or background that may be related in some way to coaching and available seating.

Should your application pass the initial review, a telephone call will be placed to you by one of our Scholarship Standing Committee Advisers to verify your submission. Upon acceptance of your application into the Scholarship Program you will be permitted to enter your program of choice under the same time-limitations and conditions as students paying full tuition.

What is included in your program?

  • Your training is fully approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as approved coach specific training hours which can be applied to any further ICF application.
  • Your scholarship includes all core training, study & business building materials and supplemental reading which are available by download from our private online Student Area. Our program contains our acclaimed “turnkey” coaching model that will get you on your way FAST! We don’t work to keep you in training any longer than necessary. After all, what you really want to do is coach.
  • Through our partnership with Art and Science of Coaching you will receive access to an exclusive 6-month membership of coach-specific business-building tactics not found anywhere else or provided by any other school of coaching. Art and Science of Coaching system has been carefully crafted and developed as a mentoring curriculum to meet each participant’s unique needs. With the right preparation and your own PERSONAL vision, you CAN be successful very quickly! The Art and Science of Coaching step-by-step system is for the coach that want to reach more people, make a bigger difference and generate a higher income more quickly.

Current Teleclass Seating Opportunities:

We will secure your teleclass seating during one of the following six class times.

  • Monday evenings at 8:00pm Easter (5:00pm Pacific)
  • Tuesday evenings at 8:00pm Eastern (5:00pm Pacific)
  • Wednesday mornings at 11:00am Eastern (8:00am Pacific)
  • Wednesday evenings at 8:00pm Eastern (5:00pm Pacific)
  • Thursday mornings at 11:00am Eastern (8:00am Pacific)
  • Thursday evenings at 8:00pm Eastern (5:00pm Pacific)

Forfeiting Your Award: [Please read this paragraph carefully.]

To ensure that all individuals have a fair opportunity to take part in training, Scholarship offers are time-limited. Once your application has been accepted by the Scholarship Standing Committee an offer of Scholarship will been made by our Administrative Team. Once you have indicated your intention to enter the program, you have two (2) days to finalize your tuition arrangements with the Registrar/Director of Admissions. An offer of Scholarship will be forfeited to another individual if you fail to initialize your tuition within the appointed time-line.

Completion of the Program:

The Coach Training Academy core training program is a six (6) month program. Students who choose to enter the Master SPIRIT LIFE Coach program will do so after successfully completing the core program and becoming a life coach in good standing with the Certified Coaches Alliance and will then have two (2) additional months to complete this path of their program. Our training agreement with the ICF states that all students are required to continue to maintain their weekly teleclass schedule until all requirements are met. At this time, students may have a two week extension at no additional cost to meet their requirements.

Financial Commitment

  • Total regular cost of tuition for Certified LIFE Coach: $1,997.00 USD

Total Cost of The Program To a Student After Scholarship is Applied:

  • $1197.00 USD Certified LIFE Coach (Level 1 scholarship)

**PLEASE CONSIDER THE MONTHLY PAYMENTS BEFORE YOU BEGIN THE SCHOLARSHIP PROCESS: We take your training seriously. We don’t want anyone to begin training that they cannot afford. Our aim is to have no student fall into hardship and have to leave the program due to lack of proper financial planning.

We permit students enrolled through scholarship to pay a deposit of $200.00 followed by monthly minimum payments of $100.00 or $125.00 USD.  We will also consider a longer plan for students on a tighter budget.  Students who can arrange assistance to pay off their tuition in full before beginning their program are encouraged to do so to allow us to assist another viable candidate.

Scholarship Application Process:

Please send request for scholarship information via our Contact Us page. IMPORTANT!  Specify you are contacting us for scholarships information.  We give preference to applicants that share a bit about themselves on this for.

Appeal Process:

All decisions regarding entry to the school through the scholarship process are made by the Scholarship Standing Committee and are deemed final. There is no subsequent appeal policy. However, if you have been denied a Scholarship Seat during any submission round, you may reapply at a later date unless otherwise advised.

Note From The Coach Training Academy Co Founder:

Dear Prospective Student,

The Coach Training Academy receives numerous requests and/or applications for Scholarship funding each month. We have no out-sourced funding to assist in this project. Our ultimate aim is to see no potential student of Life Coaching go without the necessary education to become a successful Coach. As a Scholarship student you receive all of the same rights and privileges as all other students and are seen as a true member of our world-wide student-body.

Please understand that individuals applying for Scholarship funding will under no circumstances, be gifted the entire amount of tuition for the cost of the program. We strongly believe that every student must be willing to participate in the financial responsibility of his or her future even if this means that some restructuring or prioritizing of finances must be made over the few months necessary to achieve your learning. We promise that we will do our best to assist in making your Coaching education happen for you.

After you have requested entrance to the Scholarship Program, you will be required to discuss payment of your tuition with our administrator or director. Once you have agreed to the financial arrangements, you will receive an invitation from The Coach Training Academy to enroll at a mutually acceptable program day and time. Should you be remiss in your financial obligation to the school, your student standing may be forfeited.

Should you be truly in need of financial assistance, we look forward to receiving your submission as outlined above. If you have any questions I, or our Admissions Adviser will be happy to assist you.


Steven H. Kiges MLC, NLP Trainer, CertHypn

Co Founder
per:The Coach Training Academy and Scholarship Standing Committee
The Coach Training Academy
1 360 312 7372