Work with a Certified Empowerment Coach – Become more Influential

Ed Gough Jr. (Dr. Vibe) Certified Empowerment CoachAs a professional Certified Empowerment coach, one of issue clients bring to work on is how to become more influential. Specifically, how does one project their ideas, or beliefs that are then accepted by others?One of the ways of becoming more influential is projecting confidence. When you exude […]

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Success Coach: Do You Have What it Takes For This Coach Specialty?

The Success Coach: The Secret Ingredient for Success!Success Coaching is a distinct niche within life coaching where the success coach uses an interactive and collaborative approach to enhancing the achievements of individuals. Success Coaching is also often broken down into coaching sub niches such as Financial Success Coach, Academic or Student Success Coach, Business Success […]

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Sales Coaching – Stop Throwing Away Your Sales Training

How Sales Coaching Maximizes Sales TrainingDeveloping a strong sales team requires a motivated sales staff, solid sales training, experience and support systems to keep the team on track. While sales talent develops from implementing all of these processes, most sales training efforts fail to reach their objectives because of the absence of sales coaching. Neil […]

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Recovery Coach – A Very Meaningful Coach Specialty

​Understand what a Recovery Coach does. In today’s fast-paced world, people are struggling with addictions more than ever. Not just the usual alcohol or drug addictions, but an entire smorgasbord of substances and behaviors that create havoc in people’s lives. These could be gambling, TV, pornography, the internet, social media, texting, overwork, food, shopping, exercise, […]

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Mentoring and Coaching: What is the Difference?

Understanding Five Differences between Mentoring and CoachingPeople often speak of Mentoring and Coaching as being the same. To add to this confusion, a person may become a life coach because of a desire to “mentor” others. However, Mentoring and Coaching are quite different and to confuse these terms can produce negative results. For clients to […]

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​Four Basic Core Coaching Techniques all Professional Coaches Use.The major difference between “lay coaches” or “hobby coaches” and “professional coaches” is the professional coach has taken time to learn a structure and develop a library of coaching techniques.   This structure will often involve dozens of different coaching techniques that they use strategically to depending on […]

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