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What coaching is not

coaching is not a therapy or counseling. it is a structured process used by professional coaches to bring deep,life-altering change to the client they work with. No one achieves success alone. This is one of the reason why the professional coaching is exploding.

Psycho logicians

All human beings are psycho logical. Meaning they create logic in their lives based on their upbringings, experience, communities and culture.Some psycho logicans are helpful to a person and some extremely harmful.Coaches are trained Psycho Logicians.

The evolution of Life coaching

Coaching is no longer used solely in sports or performance.Over the past 40 years life coaching has evolved into a highly respected profession used by individuals and organizations to improve all facets of client lives.

Choose a Niche

Coaches are experts in the coaching process and structure. The successful professional coaches  understand the necessity to have a specialty or niche to offer coaching services.Get this wrong and you will be struggle with success.

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