Shevaughn Desirée Henderson

Certified Women’s Empowerment Coach

Who is Shevaughn Desirée & What is her mission?

My name is Shevaughn Desirée Henderson. I am a Certified Women’s Empowerment Coach and Author of “Supermom, Celebrating All of Who You Are.” I received my training through The Coach Training Academy (TCTA). I coach women entrepreneurs & mompreneurs. I help take these women to their next level in leadership through mindset, time management, communication and achieve the balance they need to fit their idea life. My mission in life is to assist these women in navigating the waters of leadership through coaching. Would you agree that in navigating the business world, our abilities need to come across through our leadership roles? I am here to help these women reclaim their power through their leadership. In turn, they will transform their lives into their idea life.

What brought Shevaughn Desirée to The Coach Training Academy?

I have held positions where they involved listening and leadership where I enjoyed helping others—as a manager and direct link in customer service, 15+ years to be exact. I graduated from California State University, Dominguez Hills with a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology. In which, I developed a keen skill for research and an understanding for the many different roles we play in our lives and how they affect our decisions. I had the desire from within to do more. I wanted to pursue a career in coaching.

As the researcher at heart that I am, I did my due diligence in searching for the perfect school to fit my needs as a mom of four, wife, full-time employee, and church volunteer. With my full-of-life schedule, I needed a school with the tools and abilities to suite my needs. My research kept leading me back to The Coach Training Academy. The logistics of the school worked for my needs perfectly. The weekly virtual training, practice sessions, mentoring support, and the payment plan. Let’s face it, as a mom of four, the payment plan was quite attractive.

The Coach Training Academy requires you to have a 1-on-1 phone interview with Steven Kiges prior to your joining the program. I must say that I was nervous upon the initial call time. However, once I spoke with Steven, it seemed effortless and I enjoyed the whole call. I hung up feeling excited and eager to start my journey as a coach in training with The Coach Training Academy.

The Coach Training Academy provides its students with the exceptional service with its mentors and trainers. They lead you through the online platform weekly covering a range of topics so you are to get the most out of your time and education with them. The Coach Training Academy takes great pride in teaching you the fundamentals of building a coaching business. I was lucky enough to train directly with one of their top-notch coaches, Dr. Randin Brons. However, what I loved about The Coach Training Academy was that although Dr. Brons was my chief mentor, I had direct links to the other mentors of the school. Which, assisted in the same great education and mentoring. An A+ in my book.

The training I gained from The Coach Training Academy assisted me in building the tools I had already within me with adding the value you can only learn in a well-suited training program. Providing me with clarity on how coaching differs from therapist and consultants.

Shevaughn & Her Family

More about Shevaughn Desirée Henderson

Shevaughn is a mom of four children with age ranges from 12 years old to 5 years old. A wife to her husband of 10 years, building on the relationship for since 2002. She knows as a busy mom and wife it can be hard to juggle time let alone a full-on career.

Shevaughn takes pride in offering her clients the best that coaching has to offer women with a full-on schedule. Offering her clients, the safe space to rediscover who they are, balance their schedule so that it is efficient in what they need and helping new mompreneurs feel empowered in their new-found roles as leaders.

Shevaughn is co-founder of Rising Sunset Publishing, a literary and music publishing company. Her book “Supermom, Celebrating All of Who You Are” is their debut title. It is a book for all moms of all walks of life. My inspiration for this book came from the need I felt there was to bridge a gap between all moms, the #NewMom, #WorkingMom, #StayAtHomeMom, #Momof4, the list goes on. My degree in Sociology assisted me in understanding that we all have different life experiences that shape the way we view how we raise our children. In her book, she takes the common stereotype of being “Supermom” by embracing it and giving it new meaning to help make change in our communities, one mom at a time. I am Supermom & You Are Too!!Shevaughn is pleased to share her coaching testimonials, including,

  • “My personal coaching experience with Shevaughn was wonderful. She really listened to me & challenged me. She helped me define my goals, create plans to achieve them and supported me throughout the process. It was a great space to talk through what I wanted, without thinking about other people’s thoughts or wants. It gave me clarity in my life and business.”
  • “She motivated me to stay on track with my personal goals.”