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Congratulations! You have made it through the mentor coach registration process. Partnering and setting up the mentor sessions takes quite a bit of communication and team work. Please let us know if there are any issues.

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Divya’s Mentor Sessions

Please test these methods immediately and let us know if any issues! Do not wait until your first session and tell us you cannot connect.   You should be able to find out if you can connect even if a live meeting is not taking place. 

To join the Zoom Meeting using a computer:


Meeting ID : 2425816403

To join via phone :Note: We are not responsible for any charges. Please check your phone plan.


Meeting ID : 2425816403

We suggest using the mentor call in place of your regular calls. If not, you might find a problem finding new material to coach each other on. Remember, as the client you will be responsible for bringing something to be coached on.

These calls are effective and fun if you come to the call prepared to be coached. So, this means you have a need, want, burning desire …… for some change or improvement in some aspect of your life. i.e. getting into shape, more me time, writing in a blog, working on a business plan etc… Give some thought before the call to what you want to be coached on.

Sometimes it helps get in the right spirit if you pretend you have just handed over $250 of your hard-earned money for the opportunity to be coached by your partner.

If discussing scheduling changes please always remember to Cc each other so we all stay in the loop and note time zones in all time descriptions (very important). It is also important to check your email daily in case of any changes. If we discuss call schedules via email please discuss together and then send one email.  We cannot track separate emails from both partners regarding schedules.

Mentor Feedback: The purpose of mentor sessions is not to impress the mentor, or evaluate if you are a good coach or not. They are a place for you to learn and develop. Here are some basics the mentors will be listening for;  Each of the following is evaluated out of a possible 10 Points (10 being highest possible award of competency).

These are subjective assessments and mentors will not justify scores for any reason.

1. Was prepared and ready to coach:

2. Brought high, authentic energy to the session:

3. Ensured their environment was quiet, with no distractions:

4. Listened intently to their partner’s responses:

5. Used a variety of genuine responses to their client’s comments and successes:

6. Followed the coaching format:

7. Was prepared and ready to be coached:

8. Was willing to be honest and take action as a client:

9. Came prepared with a new desire, dream, goal, problem or issue to be coached on:

Divya looks forward to her calls with you.

All the best,



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