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ICF Executive Leadership Coach Training

Learn How Certified Executive Leadership Coaches Provide Greater Value For Their Organizations.

One of the fastest growing segments for professional coaching is for Executive Coaches also known as Executive Leadership Coaches.

With modern businesses moving at lightning speed, requiring frequent job shifts, and limited time for in-house training, corporate professionals of all levels are often grappling with all types of challenges.  Because of this, organizations have a great need for leaders who can guide their colleagues and employees through various workplace challenges. The end result leads to improve performance, and greater workplace / personal satisfaction.

The Coach Training Academy has two programs that support corporate executives to learn and build confidence with the leadership coaching model.  The core professional ICF certification track program is the 24-week certification which allows the participant to ingest and practice the material as well as work with a professional ICF mentor coach.  This program is on a flexible timeline requiring a couple of hours per week. Graduates leave this program confident and with leadership coaching tools ready to support their organization.   This program is also an ICF certification track program for those wanting a high-level professional certification.

The second program is our Fast Track certification program. This program is designed for those that are confident as leaders.  Already have a good set of tools in handling most situations but are looking for more advanced strategies especially when handling some of the more personal issues or situations that executives are confronted with.  The Fast Track is approximately 10 hours spread over two sessions and a bonus Q & A session.

Both programs are developed for executives, corporate leaders and managers needing advanced tool handling issues with direct reports and with colleagues.  These training provide insight into the fundamentals of professional executive coaching plus powerful strategies to support you in becoming a leadership mentor who can drive your team and colleagues to success.

Graduates of our programs come from some of the most successful organizations in the world including; CBS,  Microsoft, Symantec, Bank of America as well as dozens of other leading corporations. 

As successful professionals our programs are designed to help you develop a strategy that is aligned using your existing knowledge, strength and experience.  This is not about reinventing the wheel but to give you greater value and options when handling those sometimes-challenging situations.

Executive Leadership Coach Training Benefits

  • Become a more powerful leader by developing a coaching strategy
  • Help your teams, employees and colleagues reach greater potential, while supporting the goals of the organization
  • Support a company culture that supports professional and personal growth
  • Build a foundation that will retain talented team members
  • Have a strategy to address expanded management responsibilities
  • Build clarity on the leadership coaching process from initial interview discussion through completion.
  • Understand when coaching is appropriate and when it is not.
  • Earn a professional certification and be on track for ICF Certification
  • Coach Training Topics Covered

  • Understand the mindset of a professional executive leadership coach and how the ICF core  competencies support us in success. 
  • Examining coaching principles and best practices including ethical concerns
  • Discover the fundamentals of neuro science and how humans create internal belief systems whether they are supportive or destructive
  • How to elicit and build on someone’s our motivational structure.
  • Understand the powerful differences between the modalities of; coaching, mentoring, training, therapy and consulting
  • Develop a flexible coaching style to address the requirements of different individuals by mirroring back, questioning, investigating, and facilitating conversations
  • Understand common coaching challenges, around issue involving relationships, personal challenges and values
  • Develop your personal strength, confidence and self-awareness through coaching

  • Coaching at its core is a leadership process. It is our responsibility as professional executive leadership coaches to support our employees and colleagues to become leaders in their own life.  

    To find out more about our programs and what would be the best fit for you or your organization please click this link and someone will get back to you to discuss our training options and answer your questions. 

    Coaching is not a job, it's a passion! Join us!