Why The Coach Training Academy?

Business Coach Gina Best

I had the business background and I had the motivation. I wanted a program that would give me the skills to put it all together. From the get-go, I loved the way the program worked. I could start at any time and cover the topics twice. It gave me the tools and confidence to put what I knew to work in compelling ways. The business-building part of the program really resonated with me. Although I came to the program with proven business skills, it was great to see how to apply those skills specifically to building a coaching business.

The icing on the cake was the coaches. The instructors and mentors were amazing. To have solid content and extraordinary leaders in one program is rare.

During the program, I learned how to build rapport with my clients—an imperative coaching skill—as well as how to ask powerful questions. Which is a skill I now use daily both in and out of my business. Although the program was coaching-centric, I use the key learning’s in all aspects of my life—with my kids, the people I interact with and even myself.

I’m a business coach who doesn’t bullshit. What that means is, I skip the fluff and get straight to the core. Together, we deal with the tough stuff—head on! So you get over that wall.

Gina's No Fluff Approach

"Gina Doesn't Take Shit And Neither Should You!"      Gina Best

As a business owner myself, I get it: We jump into our businesses with fire and passion, then realize there’s a lot more to running a business than heart. I built an award-winning multi-million dollar company, and still I was not fulfilled. In fact, as it grew, I lost myself along the way. Success and fulfillment are two different things. When we can align them: THAT is the sweet spot.

Business Coach

Straight up: we all have shit. And it gets in the way of our personal and professional success. My mission is to wake up women who are lost in life's business. To show them there is a different way to live that allows you to be present and participate in life. And to answer the question: How is this my life?

My niche is what I call “the driven crew”. Drivers in life and business. Those who are going 120 down the road, flying fast. Looks like fun but they’re not taking time to see what’s passing by. They take care of to do lists and their people, but rarely themselves. They love the pace and the direction—and that’s ok. No one has to give up their drive. Yoga and green juice are not the solution. The solution is using that incredible drive in a different way to achieve fulfillment. A way that allows them to be and do what they choose. Not to be defined by what they think they should do, should be, or told to be. Truly having the choice

Gina's Background & Experience

Gina built her career as a mortgage broker. A career that began in 2003 and grew as a results of her unparalleled ability to build relationships. Today, Gina co-owns Mortgage Alliance West, one of the largest mortgage brokerages in Western Canada. It started with a literal 0. Today it’s a multi-million dollar company.

With an extensive background in business development, Gina decided to continue her training with The Coach in Training Academy and achieve her International Coaching Federation Certification. Gina is also fully certified as a Facilitator for The Passion Test (created by world renowned authors, Janet Bray Attwood & Chris Attwood), and as a Coach, Trainer, & Consultant for Asentiv (created by world renowned author, Dr. Ivan Misner). She graduated from The Authentic Speaker Academy for Leadership and was awarded the President’s Excellence Award for consistently demonstrating outstanding leadership qualities.

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