24 Week Self Paced Certified
Life Coach Online Program 

**Self Paced Program Discontinued**

​While a self paced program can fill a void in ones path towards becoming a certified coach if you consider the complexities of us human beings, listening to recordings and reading materials will only go so far.  Professional coaching has evolved to a comprehensive process and one, that takes practice and mentoring to build solid skills and confidence.  

If you are serious about starting a new coaching career or building on your current skill-set we encourage you to invest in good training program that will allow you to be a top coach and with clients standing in line to hire you.

If time is an issue our 24 week ICF accredited training is quite flexible.  If the investment is difficult then you can apply for our partial scholarship program or take you time and save for the investment.

As a company, The Coach Training Academy is committed to graduating top  coaches that will be very successful.  It is for these reasons we have decided to discontinue this program.

Self Paced Online Training

Our accelerated self-study program is delivered via weekly download for 24 weeks. This is the same course we deliver live for $1,900. Every week you will receive .mp3 audio lectures, extensive .pdf reading material and self-study instructions for completion. In addition all students receive access to the schools private Bulletin Board where you will interact, brainstorm and interact with fellow students. This is a key area for your success.

Continuous Support

We understand the needs of our students and offer extensive support and follow up by our senior staff. Should you have questions about lectures, assignments or coaching in general we ask you to contact our student support services area. As your success is primary to our success we actively encourage you to contact us even after graduation should you need to discuss any aspect of coaching or your coaching business.

Self Paced Program Foundation

The programs certification is based on the eleven (11) Core Coaching Competencies and Ethical Standards. These are the foundational concepts that all first rate coaching schools follow. Our teaching methodology combines these core coaching concepts, while at the same time assist you in developing greater self-awareness and confidence. The wonderful thing about coaching is the more integrated you become personally the better coach you become. Coaching is truly win-win for both the coach and the client.

Self Paced Program Delivery

The CCA(Certified Coaches Alliance) Certified LIFE Coach program contains 24 independent, stand-alone modules delivered over 24-weeks. This course is fully complimented with working forms, worksheets, planning formats and additional reading. To ensure your success, we provide you with a complete “Turn-key” coaching system which includes:

  • An easy to follow model of effective coaching
  • An effective client enrolment strategy; How to introduce coaching and get clients.
  • Coaching session outline guide (you’ll know exactly what to say as different situation come up)
  • Affirmation Frame recordings (subliminal recordings to support your client’s learning experience)
  • A full supplemental coach manual containing hundreds of pages of ideas that you can customize to your own personal style and methods of delivery.

Student Evaluations

Students are evaluated through mandatory written assignments and final exam which the student must receive 80% or greater to pass. A time limitation of six (6) months is imposed however, allowances may be made for individuals requesting time off for health or other related reasons.

Self paced online Course Structure

  • Thorough review of the 11 core competencies
  • Meeting Ethical Guidelines and Professional Standards
  • Establishing the Coaching Agreement
  • Establishing Trust and Intimacy with the Client
  • Coaching Presence
  • Active Listening
  • Powerful Questioning
  • Direct Communication
  • Creating Awareness
  • Designing Actions
  • Planning and Goal Setting
  • Managing Progress and Accountability
  • Work with the effective ‘Coaching Models;’

Bonus Modules

  • The secrets of running a successful Coaching career;
  • Business development – learn how to build your successful Coaching business faster than you ever thought possible;
  • Marketing – discover the secrets to marketing your business without having to ‘sell’ it.

What is included with your self paced course?

Your course includes everything you need to complete your Certification. Programs are complimented by a complete library of working forms, worksheets, planning formats and additional study materials.

We guarantee no hidden extra costs for your entire training program.

Guidance will be provided by an outstanding team of coaching professionals who will provide all the support and assistance you may need to ensure your success.

The question is … are you ready?

Two Payment Options

Easy Budget Option #1: Enrol for only $162.50

Four(4) monthly payments of $162.50 USD each.
An easy, flexible pay as you go plan.

Super Saver Option #2: Pay in full and Save $101.00 USD

One(1) payment of only $549.00 (a savings of $101.00 USD)
Best deal on a certified coaching program.

Admission to this program is by invitation. Please contact us for details.

Coaching is not a job, it's a passion! Join us!