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What Are the Concepts of Emotional Intelligence?

Most often we do not have conscious awareness of our emotional intelligence, however it still has a very profound impact on all aspects of our lives. Being Emotionally Intelligent helps us create strong long-term relationships, gain clarity on our decisions, helps us handle stress, and can even influence our overall success in school, the workplace, […]

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How Coaching Is Used in Organizations

Often when people first think of coaching, they think about sports coaching. Sports coaching was considered the traditional domain of coaching for many years.   However, for the last 30 years coaching has evolved to demonstrate great benefit for both individuals and organizations. Modern professional coaching is now used by thousands of organizations to increase productivity, […]

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What is the GROW Model for Coaching?

Professional coaching offers many excellent benefits to clients whether working on personal, career, performance, wellness or relationship issues. All professionally trained coaches have various processes or coaching structures to work from.   Without a solid structure, coaching becomes haphazard where the coach ends up guessing or just using their gut on how to work with […]

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Internal Coaching vs External Coaching

When organizations are considering offering coaching they often are confused about the difference between internal coaching and external coaching.  The short definition is Internal Coaching is using an existing employees as coaches while external coaching is hiring coaches outside of your organization.While both can be effective, choosing between internal coaching and external coaching first requires […]

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What Is ICF Certification Accreditation?


One question we receive frequently is, “What Is ICF Certification Accreditation?  Followed by, what’s the difference from ICF (International Coach Federation) certification?” While this does seem confusing, to be able to answer this, you first need to understand the difference between certification and accreditation.  These are distinct terms that mean different things but are very […]

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Considering a Career Transition? Consider transition Coaching

Written by; Juli Geske-PeerCertified Professional Coach and Certified Emotional Intelligence CoachGraduate of The Coach Training AcademyYou know it’s time. You haven’t felt fulfilled by your career for years, and yet you still stick with it, unsure of how to make a change. The thought of giving up everything—all the time you’ve invested in your current […]

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Why A Spiritual Coach Can Help Change Your Life

As a Spiritual Coach, one of the most important elements in my life  coaching programs is working on mindset. Your mindset is comprised of the beliefs you hold. These beliefs, which influence every aspect of our lives and determine our growth and capabilities, can be negative or positive, and can either serve you or hinder […]

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Why Self-Awareness Can Enhance Your Overall Success

As a professional Spiritual Life Coach, developing Self-Awareness is a very important element in the life coaching programs. When one develops self-awareness, they become a conscious creator of their life. By recognizing that their own thoughts, feelings, and emotions are their guiding force they take control of their inner environment and how they respond to their […]

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