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Do you have the WWTT disease?

Free Informative Webinar on the biggest killer of peoples dreams and goals! The webinar will be roughly 1 hour, on Tuesday, June 28 at 3 pm EST Get your Seat right now!  https://www.victoriahargis.com/Do you have the WWTT disease? [What Will They Think] Are you:>>Obsessing about what people think about your services or offers? >>Constantly comparing yourself […]

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Executive Career Coaching as a Coach Specialty

Understanding The Principles of Executive Career CoachingOne of the success secrets known to professional athletes is that it’s difficult if not impossible to reach high levels of success on your own. Researching athletes at the highest levels of any sport will reveal in every case there is a coach and sometimes several coaches supporting them. […]

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Wellness Coaching – Experts in Eustress

How Eustress is understood in Wellness Coaching If the title of this article got you a bit curious, you are not alone. The word Eustress (pronounced (you-stress) is not a very familiar term to most. However, the term Eustress is very familiar to those in the Wellness Coaching specialty. In Wellness coaching, the coach works […]

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Do You Want to Be A Spirit Life Coach?

3 Ways a Spirit Life Coach Helps ClientsOne of the more popular and successful coaching specialties, is Spiritual Life Coaching. A Spirit Life Coach provides an intimate way of improving oneself using a client’s connection to their god, higher power or universal energies (Law of Attraction). A Spirit Life Coach is dedicated to helping clients […]

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The Career Coach – Supporting Clients On Their Journey

7 Essential skills a Career Coach needs to help their clients.One of the many specializations or niches Life Coaches choose is that of a Career Coach. A Career coach focuses on helping clients navigate through all the different aspects of their careers, such as personal issues, researching careers or employment opportunities, qualifications, applications and the […]

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