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Emotional Coaching Are You a Victim of “The Lie?”

Posted with special permission from the author:Anne Beaulieu C.E.I.CThe Answers to your Top Emotional Coaching or Emotional Intelligence Coaching Questions. Where did it start? Discovering the lie.‘Emotional intelligence’ is not a term often used at the dinner table and emotional coaching is not a specialty many people are aware of yet. When I was a […]

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Coaching Emotional Intelligence: Is it for you?

Discover The Heart of Coaching Emotional Intelligence Before I answer this question, is Coaching Emotional Intelligence for you, let me tell you a bit of my personal story. I will never forget my first Emotional Intelligence coaching session and that first question my coach asked me. The intensity of the question was like a shock to […]

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Teen Life Coaching – Be An Inspiration to Change the World

10 Important and Powerful Concepts In Teen Life CoachingTeen Life Coaching is one of the most rewarding areas professional coaches choose as a specialty niche. To influence teens and children supporting their growth into maturity is an exceptional opportunity. Our childhood experiences profoundly affect our level of confidence and self-esteem. While both confidence and self-esteem […]

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