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The Holistic Life Coach – A Journey of Self Awareness

The Holistic Life CoachA Journey of Self AwarenessThe Holistic Life Coach works with clients on developing awareness in all aspects of their lives. These can include health issues, career issues, relationship issues and even spiritual issues as the Holistic coach examines the entire structure of the client’s life. A Holistic Life Coach also knows that […]

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Life Coaching 101: How to Motivate Others

Life Coaching 101:How To Motivate OthersAre you considering life coaching as a career? If so, one of the items you will need in your coaching toolbox is an understanding on how motivation works. This article will provide you with a good sample of important concepts successful life coaches always keep in mind as they motivate […]

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Giving the World the “Silence Treatment”


The Dangers of Noise Pollution & Simple Steps to Reduce it.I live in the country, but frequently visit my friends in the city. By city, I mean heavily populated urban areas saturated with transportation conveniences such as trains, buses, taxis, and airports. These areas are also home to high concentrations of manufacturing and distribution businesses, […]

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