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Self-Esteem Sabotage

Self-Esteem Sabotage by: Aja Stanley, CPST Just over a year ago I managed to acquire ringworm on my face. It produced a horribly unsightly ring on my right cheek. Ringworm is a fungal infection (there is no actual worm) common amongst school aged children and athletes, especially wrestlers. As neither a child nor a wrestler […]

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Leadership Program for Young Adults

Faisal Khattak-Big Dög(TCTA Graduate)Leadership Program for Young AdultsNote: For families in the Vancouver BC area!!!!!! AN EARLY CHRISTMAS GIFT !!!!!!I am really excited, last week I finished developing my Leadership Program for Young Adults being launched in 2014. It’s fun filled, very hands on and a life changing experience.After going through this program for six […]

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